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[c/o Emma Jane Kepley]

[c/o Emma Jane Kepley]

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Whether you want to work together, have a question, or just want to say hello, I’m pretty reachable and will respond as quickly as humanly possible. (24 hours, you dig?)

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  1. Selina Phan says

    I came across your blog at complete random, but just wanted to let you know I love it.

  2. Danthonia says

    I’m curious… you have an “outlandish fear of sharks” and yet you chose to visit us here in Australia? ROFL

    • Oh, not only did I visit Australia, I stayed for a year, and brought an Australian home with me. Talk about going all out.

      I actually live on the beach too. It’s weird, I don’t mind water, or surfing, or boats…but when I see a shark on TV (yep, behind the TV screen where the scary shark can’t actually get me) I FREAK out.

      • Danthonia says

        Hahahaha you’re probably at greater risk from those TV sharks. I used to be a shocker with snakes. Australia has 23 of the worlds 25 deadliest snakes. But I went to do wildlife rescue and did snake removal for a little while. See? We can all overcome our fears. lol

  3. bahahaha you should totally read my Selachophobia post, it can be found under F.G. Navigation in my menu. I deconstruct my fear of sharks a little bit haha. Thank you for your encouraging words. I’m well aware that my fear is extremely absurd! 🙂

  4. Tony says

    I had that shark phobia thing going on as well, then one day while my family and I were in the the ocean in southern Florida, the ‘Man in the Gray Suit’, came for a visit, slowly swam up to us, stopped about four foot short, realized we weren’t a familiar item on the menu, turned and swam off. Was of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced, and the funny thing, I forgot to be scared because I was too excited to see such a graceful creature close up. 😉

  5. I Just set up a blog today as a learning experience, and as sort of a… see what happens experiment. Also, I came to to read cool stuff. You are the first blog I came across that sparked my interest. You have the cool stuff!

    • Well I’m wishing you LOTS of luck in your blogging endeavors. I’ll have to swing by and check it out. Thank you for reading! 🙂

  6. Probably should be e-mailing you this, eh, I’m lazy. 😛 Well fyi your button’s going on my blog. Just say’n.

  7. I really love the way you look at life… Thank you for the emotions.. It was a long journey to find you… 🙂

  8. Chinny says

    Hey Carly,

    I’m trying to start a blog and I’m not sure which site to use. Any advice? 🙂 Also, do you pay monthly to keep your site running? Thanks!

    P.S. I love your post “Gif Lover Unite: NY Edition.” Brilliant and hilarious!

    • I will be returning soon! 🙂 Just with a different blog name and url. Promise! I’ll let you know once it’s up and running so you can follow along. 😉

  9. Lenie says

    #Carisbad, What an amazing relaunch of you blog! I love it and can’t wait to see more content!

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