Welcome to The Renegade Rulebook.


[c/o Emma Jane Kepley]

 I’m Carley — A high school English teacher, turned Digital Media Producer, turned NYC Publicist, turned Marketing Strategist, turned full-time Copywriter. SAY WHAT?  I know. But writing was always my end game, and the path was not a straight, narrow, or easy one. if you’d like to learn more about my story, stick around long enough.

So here’s the deal with this Blog. There’s no formula, or sexy listicle, or downloadable e-book here. I’m not going to tell you what to do, or how to do it. I’m just here to openly share how I’m going about this wildly unpredictable life. I’ll be working with some really great people across a multitude of disciplines to shape the narrative of what it means to light a spark underneath passion and watch it catch fire. I’ll also be sharing my journey in a world that expects you to have, know, and be it all. (Pro tip — you can’t.)

Sometimes it gets messy. Sometimes it gets complicated. And sometimes (this is important) you’re going to screw the whole damn thing up and fall flat on your face.

And I’ll be all, “It’s cool. Get up. ”
Because messing up is the risk you run for doing things differently.


[c/o Emma Jane Kepley]

I’m here to encourage you to get up off your ass and take a few risks.

-EVEN when it seems scary.
-EVEN when failure is likely.
-EVEN when people doubt you.
-ESPECIALLY if people doubt you.
(Because seriously, screw them.)

You have someone in your corner, fighting the good fight alongside you. So walk confidently in whichever direction your big heart calls you to. This community will have your back through all of your fears, failures, fuck ups, and most importantly, your feats.

Because those are the most fun. 

I’ll see you out there, Renegades.



  1. That’s so kind of you, thank you! I’m so happy you like reading my blog, and I must say, your blog posts have me laughing out loud! Can’t wait to share this award with someone else!

    • Ankit Singh says

      Why “findingravity” ?
      it might be a weird question for you at this point of time, but what does it imply? :p

      • Ankit Singh says

        oh i get it :p
        nice blog by the way, loved it 🙂

      • Hi Ankit! Findingravity (Finding Gravity, the middle g is shared by both words, otherwise it reads as finding ravity, which doesn’t make much sense) is kind of a metaphor for where I am right now in life. It came from a conversation I had with my mother, in which I said, “I just feel like I’m floating, like I’ve lost my sense of gravity.”

        I’m in my mid twenties, and trying to figure out my life path. I know people my age can relate to this concept of feeling like they are floating.

        I hope that I was able to explain it well enough?
        Thank you so much for reading!

      • Ankit Singh says

        I am glad to know that you are having fun and enjoying it like a free bird in the blue sky :p
        you know, the way you reacted to my question is itself telling me that you actually enjoy everything and you have learnt to BE HAPPY in life and trust me, a big number of people don’t know even slightly about being happy with their own choice! 🙂
        do you agree with me? because i am trying to judge you after reading just 1 blog, about you and your comment..ha ha ha 😀

  2. Edna says

    I just stumbled across your blog and I have to say it’s pretty darn cute. Also, I love the Oxford comma!

  3. Ah, my guitar kept me sane when my boyfriend and I lived in different countries. The violin?! That is SO cool! You should pick it back up.

    • Thank you! Sometimes I wonder if it’s smart vs. a lot of trial and error. Either way, I try to learn from everything and have a strong self awareness of who I am 🙂

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  5. hello, findingravity,

    this is a cool About. love that bit about finding the time to take pics in between school and work. ^^

    hope i can come back and explore more. cheers! 🙂

    • Seriously, so upset that I didn’t turn out to be a ninja turtle. I’ll figure out a way! Turtles in a half shell, turtle power!

  6. The Complicated says

    I like fun loving people. . . .like you. .On my way to read you

  7. Dani says

    I was reading your bio and I thought I was reading my life story! Outlandish fear of sharks, check; bad at makeup, check; flannel shirts, check; English major, check. I am about ready to say we are soul mates or doppelgangers…I always felt that no one would bother reading a blog about my life, but you have some great things to say and have inspired me to write! Thank you.

    • Haha! It makes me happy that I’m not alone on my outlandish fear of sharks and being terrible at make up. I just did my first Vlog, and after watching it…I realized that I should probably become good at make up because I’m white as a ghost!

      Thank you for reading!

  8. I think your blog is fantastic! I’m looking forward to seeing more!! If you get a chance, check out mine (huntingforbliss.wordpress.com).

  9. I know NOTHING about cameras or photography, but I’ve always wanted to own a professional camera. I just looked up a Nikon D3000 and it seems like I can get one for about $300 which isn’t too shabby. Is this a good one to look at?


    (I have not the slightest idea what any of those special features mean, by the way.)

    • No worries, always happy to help. I wouldn’t trust buying it at 300. That probably means you’re either buying it used, or from a shady business. The kit I have was just over 1,000, and it came with the 18-55mm lens, and a 55-200mm lens. That was when it first came out, so it wouldn’t be as expensive now. I did some research, the lowest price you’d realistically be looking at would be closer to 450-500ish (With the lens it comes with, 18-55, not the 200).

      You definitely want to make sure you’re buying a legitimate camera if you’re going to spend the money. 300 sounds a bit shady to me.

      Hope this has helped!

      • I Like the way you express the feel in words. I don’t have such capacity. Expecting some interesting novels from you, If you are releasing soon, then second copy should be given to me….dont forget !!!!

    • Don’t even lieeee…You’re DEFINITELY referring to findingravity…I heard Future Giraffes are pretty hip though. Can they fly?

      • 420stylezz says

        we are mostlt tending to hipsters! not hip.. where are you from? how tall are you?

  10. Brelatable says

    Hello there! 🙂 Your blog is absolutely wonderful and completely relatable. Much like yourself, I, too, am 24 and flailing around in life and thoroughly enjoying it because we’re all in the same boat. It seems you’re soul searching with a lot of grace and humor, too. Because we have to laugh at ourselves if we’re going to survive post-grad trauma (and student loans…super sad frownie face). 🙂 Keep sharing your wisdom! Cheers!

    • Hello there back at ya! Thank you! Pretty much everything I do is with humor (though sometimes, not so graceful, still, I TRY). I’m glad you’re able to laugh along with me. Come back soon!

    • Right! Check this out.

      With the Oxford:
      Charlie Sheen owed money to his ex-wives, Billy Bob Thornton, and Hugh Grant.

      WITHOUT the Oxford
      Charlie Sheen owed money to his ex-wives, Billy Bob Thornton and Hugh Grant.

      Either you use the O.C. and the sentence reads correctly, or Charlie had some pretty colorful ex wives.

  11. You have a wonderful blog! I love the look and am really enjoying your writing. I’m pretty new to the whole blogging thing, but I’m definitely enjoying it!

  12. I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t use the Oxford Comma. They are either afraid, ignorant, or just plain crazy. It is the only way that it can be done sensibly. Oh, and so far, I really like your blog.

  13. fivereflections says

    Hello Carly! Nice to meet you…
    David in Maine USA

    • fivereflections says

      ‘Carley’ spelling error by Siri dictation… I am innocent
      David in Maine USA

  14. That’s ok! Many people miss spell my names. Siri would only be adding to the bunch! Thanks for stopping by David!

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  16. Hey I love your blog! I’ve just picked up the guitar (and also am terrified of all forms of musical instruction). What are some easy songs to start with?

  17. Lol to the junkie thing- In preschool my teacher asked if any of our parents drink and drive… I said yes. After they called my parents, they asked me about it.. I was like “yeah they drink Dunkin Donuts while they drive all the time!” In fairness, do any preschoolers know what’s being implied when you say “drink and drive?” Great blog- I’m excited to keep reading!
    – Fellow Oxford Comma Lover

    • Oxford Comma for the win! Thank you for coming! So sorry for the late reply here, I’ve been out of the blogging world for a month or two, but I’m back in action. Stop by again soon! xo

  18. Katelyn Brooke sent me your blog to show me your design. I started actually reading, so naturally, I’ve fallen in love with you. You’re awesome. I love your sarcasm and sense of humor. Following!

  19. I really like your blog, you’re really interesting to read. I’m sorry to hear about your brother. Dealing with sibling death is hard. I was in the hospital room when my little sister’s heart stopped beating, luckily the doctors were able to revive her. And now my older sister has depression and goes through suicidal phases. You’re very brave.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about that, Maryse! But having the courage to talk/write about it always helps! Happy to hear you’ve found my blog interesting. Feel free to email me if you ever need to chat! xo

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  21. We have a lot of the same interests. 🙂 I just started following your blog. I am super happy to be here. You are beautiful and so is your writing. Love and Light ^_^

  22. I’ve been reading your blog for a while but I din’t know where to write “I love your blog title” !! 🙂 and your posts of course! Great work 🙂

  23. I like your style. And you seem to be on 20SB too 🙂 Yay! And the best: you carry around a Nikon with you. Hooray! following! 🙂

  24. Hey there! Blog hopped until I got here. 🙂 I started with Project Eve and then your blog! Hello from Abu Dhabi! Instant follow because I love your light posts. 🙂

  25. Hi Carley! I’ve nominated your blog for the “Super Sweet Blogger Award.” Please visit my post to view the rules and responsibilities for accepting. Congrats!

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