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And For My Next Trick, I’ll Reassemble.

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last year, it’s that in most situations, you’ll stumble upon your biggest breakthroughs just beyond what you think you can stand. Endurance is a magnificent thing. If we choose to actively pursue it, our capacity to bounce back stronger after emotional trauma is a nod to how remarkable the human spirit is. I think we assume we can’t do something simply because it looks scary, because it hurts, or because it seems difficult. To gain access to that type of endurance, you have to surrender to the growth it lends itself to. That type of growth takes hard work and heart work,. There are no shortcuts.

Which leads me to the piece you’re now reading.

Publishing this is well-beyond the edge of my comfort zone. I’m taking a big step here. I’ve avoided for this piece for an entire week. I could sit here and say I don’t know why, but I do. Because, hello! It’s scary. It hurts. It’s difficult. It doesn’t mean I haven’t moved on, it just means I’m human. Publishing this piece required me to reach deep into the pockets of discomfort. Rehashing old wounds feels like a step backward, so I’ll try to make this less about rehashing and more about reassembling.

Last weekend would have been the one-year…anniversary? Or another word we use as a yearly reminder of something we’d prefer to forget. A one-year “observance” of a morning I’ve relived hundreds of times since it happened, only it hit me harder last weekend than I expected it to. Perhaps, someday, I’ll stop remembering the date. The events that took place that year will soon become a mere chapter in my overall life story. Regardless of when I start forgetting, I spent all day last Friday remembering. I also spent it sleeping, watching Friends reruns, texting my friends that I love them, and MAYBE eating nachos in bed.

The aftermath of betrayal is dark and lonely. When somebody you trust lies to you, everything gets called into question. Everything. It’s a slippery slope when you start doubting your own competence. One minute you’re questioning an entire relationship and the next minute you’re questioning your own intelligence. This was never about you. Your memory. This was NEVER about you. Your self-worth. THIS WAS NEVER ABOUT YOU. It will stay with you until you accept the reality of your circumstance, and sometimes long after. Even then, when somebody continuously breaks you down like a cardboard box, the decision to reassemble is last on your list of to-dos, especially when you’d love nothing more than to disappear with the morning recycling

Over the course of a year I disappeared almost completely. The funny thing about disappearing is everyone sees it but you. In the midst of losing your sense of self, you will also lose more obvious things. Weight. Sleep. The wheel. You will become a mere outline of yourself until you wake up one night in the dark and realize you’ve erased too much. You should know by now that you cannot erase yourself to help others define themselves. That realization will be your first step of many. Each step you take thereafter, no matter how small, will be further along than the day before. One year later it will no longer be, “Look how far I have to go.” It will be, “Look how far I’ve come.”

Please note: Some days you’ll take no steps at all. Instead, you will sleep, watch Netflix, text your friends that you love them, and MAYBE eat nachos in bed. Be gentle with yourself on those days.

Betrayal forces your hand. You either have to gamble or fold. I did both, gambling for another year and eventually folding. Only then was I able to see the third, hidden option. Reassembling. Because here’s the deal.  You can fall apart and stay apart, or you can slowly put yourself back together. Whether it’s betrayal, heartbreak, insecurity, fear, grief, (or the general ambiguity of our current political landscape—wink) you CAN refuse to let the hard things make you hard .You CAN choose to open up your heart, clear out the dust, and let the light in. It will certainly mean enduring a whole lot of pain first. You have to assess the damage before you gain access to the repairs.

I’ve accepted that I am not who I was before. That version of myself is gone. But you know what? I like the person I am today, somehow even more. I am bolder. I am stronger. I am more self-aware. I am kinder. I am more understanding. I am better assembled. The beauty of reassembling is you get to put yourself back together however you’d like. I decided I didn’t want to feel like a cardboard box ever again. Cardboard boxes can be broken down. They are dark inside. They are empty. I wanted to be an open room, and I wanted to be filled with light.

Because watching yourself disappear for a year is the darkest magic there is.


  1. As always. I loved this piece. You have done the work and I am proud of you. Wonderful article…

  2. Carley, I know I don’t know you; but your words always seem to reach me when they are most needed. So, thank you for your words and thank you for sharing them and stepping outside of your comfort zone. If nothing else, know that they have touched me at a time when I needed to hear them.

    Thank you.

  3. This is incredible. I was betrayed by a man, and like you, I questioned everything. I even tried to hold on. That never works. Later in life, I went on to marry the most wonderful soul.

    Keep sharing, your words are beautiful.

    • Thank you SO much for reading and I’m so, so glad you found something to relate to. Sending love & good vibes your way, and congratulations on finding a true equal! xx

  4. Mrs. P says

    What a powerful post, something that the majority of us have or will have to reflect on at one point or another in our lifetime. Sharing your emotional journey will give comfort and hope to those who have not yet reassembled.

    Betrayal of trust…in a person, a group or even political party can be soul shattering but reassembly is the only long term repair that I know of. The hardest part of that being…regaining you self certainty. I found it surprisingly difficult to acknowledge my perception was off to such a degree or to admit that I had failed are something so completely.

    There can be a lot of fun in the reassembly stage. You can try new things that you may not have done in the past. Personally, I found it easiest to remove myself completely and start all over. It was my own life “do over”. I even moved to a place where no one knew me…no one had preconceived ideas about who or what or was…I had no past, just present and whatever future I wanted to create.

    One of the greatest learning lessons was gaining the knowledge that fear was the only thing holding me back in life and it had very broad ramifications. I embraced that idea and each time I felt it’s darkness knocking at my door, I made myself stand taller…bigness is a great defender…and I made myself do the thing I was afraid to do, to stick my neck out so to speak. Things like going to places where I most definitely would run into people I felt uncomfortable with…and going back home to face the disaster I left behind. Boy is that soul building stuff!

    Continue to embrace YOU, let that insouciant enthusiasm return and you will find magical things happening…effortlessly! You are a force…an energy to be reckoned with, Carly. You are not defined by your past and your future can be as bright and amazing as you allow it. Those times of self certain, almost cockiness…the world is my oyster feelings are still there…tap into them…and stop eating those DAMNED nachos! ;D

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