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Installment II of Renegade Jams is here! Still deciding if I want to keep up with the Roman Numerals in the title. Seems cool I guess? But I know I’m going to have to start Googling the shit out of them after 5 or 6, so we’ll see. In case you’re new to this series, each week I’ll feature 5 songs I can’t stop jamming to, complete with the entire playlist below. I’ll be adding to this playlist weekly, in the event that you’d like to subscribe & rock out alongside me. (Do it!) And as promised, the 5 songs from the last installment are of course still on there. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments!

Let’s play.

#6 “Things That I Regret” by Brandi Carlile

I saw Brandie Carlile live a few months ago and let me just say…This woman slays on stage. She’s the real deal. Her fast tempo songs will bring you to your feet. Her slow, acoustic songs will bring you to your knees. Years ago, when my mom remarried, she put me in charge of the reception music. She and my now step dad asked if I would pick their wedding song, and it was probably one of the most special things anyone has ever let me do. I chose, “The Story.” Which now chokes me up every time I hear it. Thanks, Mom.

These days, I’ve been jamming out to, “The Things I regret.” While the title sounds like kind of a downer, it’s totally not. It’s an incredibly uplifting and relatable song about the times in life where we feel like we’re just not getting it right. In those moments, it’s best to just let the feeling roll over you. Tomorrow’s a new day.

Also, when she sings, “Lonely miiiiii-iiiiiiiles without you.”,  my heart burts wide open.

#7 “Flexicution” by Logic

Few songs get me as amped as Flexicution. Firstly, I’m impressed with the pun, which is probably a nerdy thing to be impressed with, but here we are. I know what I am. On a more musical note (PUNS GUYS! Have you x’ed out of this window yet? Guys?) I’m genuinely impressed with how quickly Logic raps. I’m ALSO impressed with how quickly he can solve a Rubik’s cube.

In conclusion: I’m impressed. He has an amazing life story, and if you have time, I highly recommend reading this Complex article. Okay, I’m done gushing about Logic now.

Actually one more thing: I once watched Logic solve a Rubik’s cube on stage. A fan handed him one from the crowd. He stopped the show, solved it on the spot, and then I went home and watched Rubiks cube how-to’s for like 3 hours.

I still can’t solve one.

#8  “How You Like Me Now” by The Heavy

Over drinks one night, a few friends and I were talking about what our theme songs would be if we could have any one song play at any given time walking down the street. I stumbled over about 10 different songs that night with no avail. It drove me crazy. Then, days later as I was LITERALLY walking down the street in my home town, “How You Like Me Now” came on. I may have exclaimed “THIS IS IT!” out loud to nobody. I then took my phone out and texted my friends the good news. I had found my song. How you like me now?

#9 “Blister in the Sun” by Violent Femmes

The only reason this song makes the list is because it became one of my favorite songs by accident when I was seventeen, after a stage mishap with my best friend. We were on vacation in Florida, and we snuck into a bar under the radar. It was probably one of the most fun nights of my youthful, teen years. We didn’t cause any trouble, we just jammed out to the live music (and MAYBE snuck a drink or two…)

At one point, the band pulled us up on stage and handed us instruments. I had drumsticks, and my friend had a tambourine. We were in charge of those infamous double drum hits. (Ba-DUM! Ba-DUM!) The only problem was…We didn’t know the song. So we stood on stage like a couple of clueless morons randomly banging our instruments while everyone looked at us with confusion in their eyes.

There’s lots of speculation about what this song is ACTUALLY about 😉 but I’m going to just leave it right here.

# 10 “The One That Got Away ” by Wild Belle

The TL;DR version of this song is that Wild Belle has two middle fingers up to some dude who broke her heart. Now she’s diving across the country in a big van having the time of her life. This girl is my hero. What a little rebel.

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