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Copywriting Project: Stance Socks

This past fall, I was contracted by Stance to be the copywriter on their biannual printed magazine, “The Uncommon Zine”, a curated journal of fashion, art, sport, travel, music, and my PERSONAL favorite, ‘tude. The zine features members from the brand’s Punks & Poets program boasting names like Willow Smith, Filipe Toledo, Big Sean, Rihanna, and more. The best part was, I got to work on the project with one of my best friends. (Important to note that while this isn’t an #ad, I was compensated for my writing, both monetarily and with a bunch of rad socks.)

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It was a lightning fast turn around, with only two months to write and copyedit the entire magazine, which included a 24-hour trip back to my second home in New York City, as well as an impromptu trip to San Clemente to visit Stance HQ. When you get to interview professional surfers and generally awesome and creative humans like Otis Carey, Kassia Meador, and Russ Pope, it takes the edge off of the late night writes and early morning cross continental Skype sessions.

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Much like their foot wear, the Stance office has no shortage of colors and prints.

This seems like a good place to slide in quick a note about how #blessed I am to be able to do what I’m obsessed with. I’d pull all nighters 5 nights a week if it meant I’d have the opportunity to live my dream. And sometimes, friends, I do pull those all nighters. That’s what caffeine is for. It’s even better when I get to be friends and make friends with the people I’m working with.

Meet Michaela, the production girl-BAWSE and editor of the Zine. Here we are doing serious work things like belting out Justin Bieber jams on the way to the office.


We have no chill

While we wrapped most of the copy in November and early December, there were still a few big pieces to tackle. Mid-December I hopped on a plane and headed to California for a long weekend. The Stance team was more than welcoming during my two days in their enormously cool space, which included steak salad lunches, a midday ladies yoga session in their gymnasium, and a visit from an Ice Cream Truck.


I just received a stack of mags in the mail, and I’m incredibly proud of the work that the Stance team pulled off. I’m still in awe that they were kind enough to let me tag along for the wild ride. Shout out to all of the production managers, designers, and creative directors I had the pleasure of working with. My work included the zine’s opening intro page, event write ups, a full interview with Otis Carey, quotes pulled from my interviews with Russ Pope and Kassia Meador, product descriptions, a write up on Willow Smith, and more that I’m probably forgetting so you’ll have to check it out for yourself.

You can peep a digital version of the magazine here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.19.14 AM

Image C/O Stance. 

Closing note: Since both my day job AND my night/weekend job (and pretty much all of my spare time) consists of writing words (profesh, nahmean?), check out my “work with me” page if you have a project you’d like to slap my words on.

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  1. This sounds so great and I would love to have an opportunity like this!

    (Also, as a side note, you are showing up in my reader…so hopefully all kinks have been worked out!)

    • It was pretty awesome, and spontaneous, and successful. All good things! 🙂

      And so far so good – I think it was a problem on WordPress’ end. Thanks!

  2. Great post. Also, I think a lot of problems would be solved if more people were compensated for their work with cool socks.

  3. Wraps says

    I was really impressed with the magazine and the woman that did the copy writing and hey…I’ll take payment in socks…congratulations on the blog it looks great. Love the name !

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