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Introducing The Renegade Rulebook!

What’s UP my people?

Here we are, a year and a half after my departure from Findingravity. You may have noticed I’ve undergone a rebrand. We’ve pretty much done an HGTV style home renovation. We’ve knocked all the walls down to open up the room and let a little light in. (Holler at Bobbi who runs Ready To Blog. She’s a boss lady / design wizard with herculean patience. She handled it extremely well when I used words like “vintage-y”.)

In short: I’m beyond excited to announce the launch of my new passion project, The Renegade Rulebook.


Hustle and flow

The Renegade Rulebook is a no bullshit approach to living a life that makes YOU proud. There’s no formula, or sexy listicle, or downloadable e-book here. Not yet anyway. I’m not going to tell you what to do, or how to do it. I’m just here to openly share how I’m going about this wildly unpredictable life through a series of interviews, personal essays, career learnings, creative projects, and beyond. I’ll also be working with some amazing humans across a multitude of disciplines who are redefining success and what it means to be a “professional.” (TLDR; it has nothing to do with pantsuits).

So let’s get acquainted with the new look and feel of this blog:

Up at the top you’ll see two menus. The first has the categories where my aforementioned content will live. They break down like this:

  • Renegades – A series of interviews with fellow badasses around the world. These are people who’ve shrugged the weight of expectation off their shoulders and embraced the chaos of moving full steam ahead toward their goals without anyone’s permission.
  • Career – From freelancing tips, to the office song and dance, to career pivots, to that eye-widening moment when you realize you want to start your own business, or you’re in the entirely wrong field. 
  • Lifestyle – Home improvements, playlists,  design, artsy fartsy stuff, and probably where I’ll vent about my lack of understanding toward all things beauty. Putting on fake eyelashes is like fighting the alien from War of the Worlds.
  • Personal – I’m going to keep posting embarrassingly honest, self deprecating tidbits of my life, because I truly believe if you’re not laughing at yourself, you’re not trying hard enough. If you were trying hard enough, you’d mess up occasionally. That’s science.
  • Adventure – I’ve had a penchant for adventure since the first time I spotted a Study Abroad poster Sophomore year of college. We’ll take some trips together. Bring your green hat.
  • Self Care – Whether it’s yoga, barre, boxing, eating healthy (ish) or even therapy (yes, we’re going there), we’ll explore how to love and take care of ourselves in a way that doesn’t also make us ashamed to eat donuts. You’re the prize. You can’t perform your best if you don’t get that shit in check.

Additionally, the top menu has a few other options, which are fairly self explanatory…About the blog, how to work with me, and how to get in touch with me (in a non stalker way). The side bar has all my widget doodads, where you can follow me on social media and subscribe to the site.

Gals and Guys– I’m stoked. We’re going to have a blast. I started this blog because I wanted you all to know you have someone in your corner, fighting the good fight alongside you. This community will have your back through all of your fears, failures, fuck ups, and most importantly, your feats. Shake off the non believers and shimmy this way.


c/o Mike Allen

Renegades are a tribe who get shit done.
We’re not about the easy road.
We turn our pastimes into our full-times.
We do it on our own terms.
And we have a little fun along the way.

Kick up your combat boots and stay awhile.

Let’s do this.


PS — If you subscribe via email, you may see a post from what appears to be my old blog, Findingravity. I’m going to leave the username alone for a little while to ease the transition, so you get used to seeing my content again. It’s been a while! 😉


  1. This is awesome! I’m so excited for the new direction. I’m such a fan of your writing…and I love your insta feed. I so enjoy seeing into your world, which is so different from where I’m at right now. Blessing on le new blog! xo

  2. I am happy to say I am no longer following bad blog friend etiquette and I have officially subscribed. Also, WordPress let me subscribe – which means that whatever was wonky may be working better now 🙂

    • Awesome! Hopefully you see my posts in your reader. AND — I always just assumed you followed because you’ve always been so good at following along! Could have fooled me girl! Thanks for the support. xoxo

  3. Brittany says

    IN love with this renegade concept on life have you heard jay-z/Eminem’s song renegade?

    • Thanks Brittany! And YES! Great tune. I’ll be starting a music series in a week or so, and maybe for one of the installments I’ll include that song. I already have JayZ’s American Gangster slotted in for one of the weeks. (acapella version because it gets me so pumped!!) Hope you stick around. xoxo

      • Brittany says

        Awesome can’t wait…and yes I’ll be here to stay. So glad I found your blog:)

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