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A few weeks ago, my coworker and I were in Hallmark picking out a congratulatory card for a fashion blogger we regularly work with who has recently become engaged. We scanned the typical stocked card isles, browsing through the “Where’s Waldo” game of greeting cards that is the Hallmark section of any CVS, when we spotted it.


At the same time, we both stopped and burst out laughing. WAS THIS A THING? We knew we had to do something. We tossed around a few ideas walking back to the office. A party? A present? A surprise visit to the office by our good friends of One Direction to personally serenade our bosses with an acapella version of That’s What Makes You Beautiful?

Acca-WHAAAT? Just kidding. We don’t know them.

Given that we spent an entire week over the summer (ahemmm probably more) blasting nothing but Katy Perry jams in the office, it only seemed fair that the final decision had to include our favorite Teenage Dream, and it had to include all of us thanking them for all they do on a Daily Basis.

So, without further ado I present to you our rendition of ROAR for our wonderful bosses, sang in perfect key by none other than the full team of SGPR. (Note: We may or may not have been lip syncing).

In all seriousness – I can’t tell you how much it means to me being able to come to work every day and loving not only the work that I’m doing, but also the people I’m around. Countless times I’ve been told that my face lights up when I talk about my career and the wonderful people it encompasses every day. I still find it impossible to believe that I’ve only been on this track for four months, because starting at this company meant embarking on a new career path. Every day I am learning new things about this world, and myself. Areas where I have room to grow, areas I am already pretty good at but want to become better at, and areas which are completely dark to me that I can’t wait to dip my toes in.

Not to mention – it’s not at every job you get to lip sync a magical montage of Katy Perry for the people who employ you.

That HAS to count for something.

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  1. WillieSun says

    Oh that was a great video, haha. It’s good you found a job you really enjoy doing and have cool people along the way with you.

  2. Mrs. P says

    This was so much fun to watch…I had to listen to it twice! You mentioned you light up when talking about your job, but I’ll tell you what…seeing the enthusiasm and fun that ALL of you were having was so uplifting and energizing that I had to share on Facebook, something I rarely do. I hope your bosses had fun with it too. We all need to have bosses that make us feel this way!

    Oh, one more thing… I am SO glad you love your new job!!!

    • Ahh comments like this remind me that I have the coolest readers! Thank you so much for following (and sharing) my story! We had a blast making the video and even more fun surprising them with it! xo

  3. Just made my day. Thanks for sharing the video. You have a great environment for your job. How great is that!? Being a boss, it seems like an awesome recognition.

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