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Findingravity + Portovelo Shoes GIVEAWAY!!

Do you like shoes? (Um…OF COURSE!)
Do you like giveaways? (EVEN BETTER!)
Do you like travel and adventure? (To foreign countries. Or, ya know, to Mars? Or even simply to the thrift store on a casual Saturday. As Honey Boo Boo would say…#Dollamakemeholla!)

Findingravity – Portovelo in NYC.

Do you like videos starring yours truly, featuring dancing with percussion bands and juggling apples? (Well, duh.)


Portovelo Shoes wants you to get moving.

It doesn’t matter where you plan on going, just go. Peel the covers back and let the dripping sunlight graze your bare legs. Try on five different outfits, make your mind up, and change it again.

You’re allowed to change your mind.
You’re ALWAYS allowed to change your mind.

Find your shoes. Don’t just walk down the steps, dance. Feel each bouncing step beneath your feet. Play a song so many times on repeat that it gets stuck in your head. Let that be the soundtrack to your day.

I’m teaming up with Portovelo Shoes to give away a pair of these cute sneaks just in time for Fourth of July weekend, since these shoes so conveniently come in perfectly patriotic colors. So whether you’re planning a cross country trip or an adventure in the city, get moving. But rest assured your feet will be traveling in comfort AND style. (Ahemmm…Double Whammy!)


To enter the giveaway is quite simple:


Go on Twitter, follow Portovelo Shoes, and send a tweet to @PortoveloShoes with the hashtag #PortoveloShoesGiveaway, letting them know where you’d go in your Portovelos.

A few starter tweets:

“I’d do the Dougie in my @PortoveloShoes. #PortoveloShoesGiveaway”
“I’d become the sixth member of One Direction in my @PortoveloShoes! #PortoveloShoesGiveaway”
“I’d take a EuroTrip with my friend @carbarton in my @PortoveloShoes! #PortoveloShoesGiveaway”

*Optional bonus entries*

You’ll qualify for additional entries if you do any of the following:
-Leave a comment below letting me know where you’d go in your Portovelo Shoes.
-Like the Portovelo Facebook Page and leave a comment letting them know that Findingravity sent you.
-Find a way to get Joseph Gordon-Levitt to go on a date with me.

All entries must be in by July 1st. I’ll be announcing the winner at 11 am on July 1st, and you’ll have two hours to claim your prize.

Any questions? Let’s chat!


  1. Charlee says

    You are the CUTEST damn thing ever. Can’t wait to see you Sunday!!!! ❤

  2. I would figure out how to teleport so I could go everywhere!

    Also, say I were able to get you a date with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, would this qualify me to automatically win. (This is a purely hypothetical question, of course)

  3. This July I am seeing my favorite musician in concert for the second time in my life. The following weekend I will be seeing the ocean for the second time in my life. I will be doing both with my wonderful boyfriend (who usually lives 712 miles away from me). Overall, July is going to be amazing, and I can only assume that wearing these ridiculously cute shoes would make it even better.

  4. These shoes look perfect for travel, so I’d wear mine on my next big trip. 🙂 Not sure yet where that will be (does Pennsylvania count as a big trip?), but I faced a shortage of appropriate travel shoes when I went to London last week, so I’m on the lookout for new ones!

  5. I wish I had twitter for these kinds of giveaways!

    But in these shoes…I would spread the love at a charity 5k ❤

    • Hey Nicole! That’s okay, I understand! If you head to the Portovelo Facebook Page, click like, and then leave a comment saying you came from my blog, it will still enter you to win! 🙂

  6. Well I’m basically… in my dreams… married to Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Soo just have to ask me to go on a date with my hottie! 😉

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