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Gif Lovers Unite: New York Edition

Whenever people ask me how New York City is treating me, I always feel like I have multiple personalities. My answer is usually somewhere between, “Well this week a homeless man told me he was a convicted felon and threatened to spit in my face” and “I stumbled upon a sale at Bloomingdales and now New York is the best city EVER.”

I guess you could say it gives me comfort knowing that in New York, I’m never alone. Literally. There are people everywhere. ALL.THE.TIME.

As you can see, my feelings about living in New York definitely fluctuate:


Because every time I accidentally walk over a subway grate in heels I look like this:


Or I have to walk through Times Square:


No REALLY though….Times Square:


And when I’m furniture shopping for my apartment:


When I realize I’m definitely not going to make it to the laundromat this week:


How I react whenever the comedy club people approach me on the street:


When I see people taking touristy pictures and I creep in the background:


When the train doors are closing as I’m going through the turnstile:


And when I’ve made it on the train before the doors have closed:


Better yet, when I make it to my destination without getting lost:


And then I pay my rent, which, in New York, is the same as a mortgage payment:


Most of the time, I’m just trying to juggle my work life and my personal life:


But by the start of a new week I’m ready to take New York City by storm:Blog_hair1

And then this happens, and it all starts again:



      • Absolutely! You’ve just inspired me to finally put together a post I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now, about Coping Strategies…how timely that I should read yours. I’ll share the jist of mine about how I have learned to cope with a sense of humor: You need to pick a “theme song”! No matter what happens, you just listen to it and you are happy. 🙂

  1. Yep. That’s New York in a nutshell….

    Pro tip for Times Square area (particularly 42nd St)… Walk in the bus lane. Makes that area SO much easier to get around.

    • Genius! Thanks, Nikki! I’ve been here almost a year and I still feel like such a small town girl. Always learning! 🙂

  2. LOL, love those videos! I felt the pain and joy in every one! It’s been a year and half since I’m away from NY and still in Paris. I am truly homesick and will visit in August, but you gave me a little taste that always easily forget about! LOL…. 🙂

    • Ahh, but…PARIS! I’m so jealous. I think it’s easy to romanticize any city you’re not living in, but there are always ups and downs. Glad I was able to give you a little giggle.

      • It’s so true about romanticizing any city – well said!!! Ironically my friend just sent me this for a giggle too! Of course your is so personal that it’s touching and this speaks to the public on a different level:
        Still funny of course….they all are! It’s funny how many people always say the same things about one city! I’ve heard varying opinions here…though some begin to collide, but NY become universal after a while. lol.

  3. This kind of makes me want to come to New York City even more… Just so I can say I’ve felt that stuff.. Haha!

  4. From May until January 1, Midtown might as well not exist to me. I stay holed away on the UES, go to work downtown, or go out in village or Brooklyn when I get the uncontrollable urge to behave like an NYU student with a fake ID and my dad’s credit card. Really though. Times Square. Enough said.

    • New York is wonderful! There are just a lot of things to get the hang of here. I’m looking forward to another exciting year in New York. I think everyone should try living here once in their lives!

  5. Linsey says

    This was a great post. I lol-ed for REAL, not just the type of lol when people write it but DIDN’T actually lol. Mostly because this was the story of my life for the 2 years I was there. I feel like you just need to add something about how NYC makes you feel like you need to run/walk at all times. I couldnt stop myself. Miss you!

      • I guess it is! But you missed a wonderful pun opportunity. You could have said it was a “gif(t).”

        Thank you thank you, you know where to find me for all your punning needs, Carley.

      • You know, I did think of it, but we know now .gif is pronounced with a soft g sound (jif) so the pun sort of fell apart for me!

  6. These are freaking hilarious. I especially love the “oh-my-gosh-no-the-train-wait!” and “who’s-the-man?” ones for making the train. I’ve been to New York only once and still I can appreciate the epic value of that accomplishment.

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