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Can We Be Best Friends?

So there seems to be a few new knights sitting at the Findingravity round table. While being Freshly Pressed is certainly an amazing experience, mostly I’m just overwhelmed by the fact that there aren’t enough excited/dancing/do the dougie-ing GIFs on the internet for me to express how happy I am, and how welcome I want all of my new readers to feel.



I wanted to give a little background on this blog, because I know you all probably lead superhero lives outside of the blogosphere, and don’t have time to sift through the last year of Findingravity. Or maybe you do.

I started Findingravity just over a year ago, with hopes of finding a creative outlet. That’s a fancy way of saying I was really restless and bored, and I needed a starting point. I was working four jobs, nannying, coaching volleyball, substitute teaching, and working nights at a restaurant, but I was craving something more intellectual. I taught High School English for five months in Australia, and came home to America with hopes of landing a teaching job in my own country. To my dismay, no matter how many applications I sent out, nowhere seemed to be hiring. Over a teary conversation with my mom on the phone, told her that it felt like I had lost my sense of gravity. I was just floating through life with no direction. I’m pretty sure I also cried, blew my nose in my sleeve, and wasted a tank of gas sitting in the car. (Come at me environmentalists, I totally left my car running the whole time.)

It’s been quite the journey to get here:

I was Freshly Pressed once, and then twice. (Thank you, thank you!!)

My blog lead me to applying for and nailing my dream job in NYC. It also helped me nab my own column with LA Family Magazine.

I’ve talked about relationships and been super vulnerable to a bunch of strangers

I’ve dissected writers block and the creative process

I told you all about my older brother who passed away

And my fear of sharks

Findingravity hosted an anti-bullying campaign

And talked about my love of music herehere, and here

That should get you started!

To the right you’ll see a menu with a few different buttons, these link to all of my social media sites. You can shoot me an email, find me on Pinterest, check out my fly pics on Webstagram (Instagram), listen to some tunes from my 8tracks, and follow me on Twitter where opinions expressed are purely my own, and are most likely ridiculous, but you you’re already here, so I’m assuming you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Findingravity ALSO has a Facebook page. Click like (do it, I double dog dare you) and be up to date on all Findingravity related news. This includes any cute Kid President videos I find, FG giveaways, music I dig, and even blog posts by OTHER bloggers that I dig and want to share with the rest of the world.

This blog is a steady mix of humerous self deprecation (you DID read correctly when I said I blew my nose in my sleeve) and vulnerability. While I definitely toggle with and internal debate of what parts of my life I want to share openly with the world, I’m not afraid to talk about the battle wounds that brought me here.

If there is something in particular you’d like me to write about, or talk about, or if there is something you are itching to know, feel free to shoot me an email: carley (at) findingravity (dot) com.

Fist bumps all around, and I look forward to taking the next part of this adventure with you.

Let’s do this!


  1. “…it felt like I had lost my sense of gravity. I was just floating through life with no direction.” You expressed perfectly what i felt for almost a decade. Awesome blog, glad you were pressed. 🙂

    • I think everybody feels like that at some point in their life! Finding what direction you’re supposed to be going in can be tricky. Thank you for your kind words! Come back soon!

  2. Carley, looking at the things you’ve done since your blog began I find the comment ‘because I know you all probably lead superhero lives outside of the blogosphere’ a little bewildering or this a ploy to glean comments? 99.8% of the world are not superheroes but certainly you seem (zip lining?) to be albeit with your mother’s help. Did she knit your cape as well? Screw the rest of the world dance like nobody’s watching. Your best friend is yourself provided you do not lie!

    • Haha! Your comment made me smile! Not at ALL a ploy to glean comments, I promise! Just being a little tongue and cheek :). I am SO fortunate to have had my mom and dad’s support through the years, and they are definitely the real super heros. It’s definitely been an adventure packed year, can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!

      • Thoguht I done this already but it hasn’t seemed to have worked.
        My faith in human nature has been restored. You fooled even a cynical old b4stard like me. I’m glad that you seem so well sorted. I couldn’t imagine from your avatar that life would be that bad! However, I am always suspicious of avatars in that it could be anyone. Mine has sunglasses to hold the bags of old age! 2013 will either see me in an oil field in Iraq or cruising the Dalmatian islands of Croatia on my yacht. Good luck with yours.

  3. PS. Congratulations on being FPed (Twice!!) once is an ambition of mine but (further bewilderment) I look at the mix of selection and either there is a team of 50 picking the blogs or one very seriously disturbed individual. Hard to target inclusion.

  4. Inappropriate question alert: I’ve been reading for awhile, and you used to talk about your relationship. Blog posts have been relatively quiet on that front so far. Are you still together?

    • Haha! I love that! We sure are! I’ve been exploring writing about new things, and have decided to give poor Bman a break from the spotlight. And since I pretty much bare (just about) all here, never worry about a question being inappropriate. Unless, ya know, it is…haha!

      • Yeah, that makes sense 🙂 I’m happy you’re still together! I loved reading about your story. Congrats on being featured again!

  5. Wow I feel like I relate to this post so much because I feel like I got lost at the beginning of this year. So I launched my website this month to try to give myself a direction and because all I knew was how to put the feelings down in words. I supposed I deserve posterity at the least? Anyways congratulations on coming so far. I hope to do the same! 🙂


    • Thank you, Verdee! Sometimes we forget how much we’ve accomplished, and we don’t give ourselves enough credit. Give yourself a pat on the back, that sounds so exciting!

  6. You taught in Australia, whereabouts? I ask this as I live in Australia and have been America 3 times, heading for my fourth time this year.

    You have achieved a lot with your life in the past 12 months, congratulations. Also my condolences about your brother xx

  7. congrats on being freshly pressed and all your other accomplishments! very impressive 🙂 i’m a new blogger so i’ve got quiiiiiite a ways ahead of me! can’t wait to read more from you!

  8. Hey there! I found you on freshly pressed. And I have to say that this post about getting to know you, is amazing!!!! I love it!!! And I also love the one about your dad. He sounds a lot like my dad (:

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