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One Iced Coffee Flavored Milk, Hold The Flavored Milk, Please.


Finding a coffee shop is always my first priority when I move to a new city. I’ve been living in NY for five weeks and I’ve been living in my Brooklyn apartment for two weeks now. I managed to find a coffee shop week one, but I still have to answer every email by phone. I haven’t gotten my crap together and called Comcast, because the phone call always takes two hours, and they try to sell me things I don’t need the kind internet people.

My first week in Australia went the same way. It took me two weeks to set up internet, but I sought out coffee on day one. I didn’t have an iPhone to rely on, so looking up coffee shops and directions on the internet was completely obsolete. I figured it couldn’t be THAT complicated, so I set off on a solo adventure. My roommates apparently weren’t as dependent on caffeinated beverages.

They were all, “HEY, LET’S GO TO THE BEACH!”

At the first coffee shop I located, I politely asked for a coffee with cream, and I was handed a black coffee with a heaping swirl of WHIPPED cream. Okay, don’t panic. I chalked it up to miscommunication and moved on.

The second coffee shop was only down the street, and was both larger and more populated. I assumed that THIS was where all the locals had to be hanging out, and that they would make me a proper cup of coffee. After waiting in line, I found my way to the counter. I POLITELY asked for a cup of coffee, with MILK.

The lady handed me a plastic bottle of iced coffee FLAVORED milk.
What the??? I don’t…I just can’t…


I handed it back to her, said thank you, and continued on my adventure.

I stumbled upon my third coffee shop ten minutes down the road and figured three times was a charm. This time, my tone indicated a touch of “not-so-politeness.” I explained to the barista that I had been on an extremely unsuccessful hunt for a coffee and she assured me she could put together an iced coffee that would rival any American coffee shop.

Intrigued by her challenge, I ordered a large iced coffee and waited by the pick-up counter. Two minutes later the woman called my name and handed me what was the by far the strangest combination of the day: A large iced coffee with a very large scoop of vanilla ice cream frothing over the edges. I burst into laughter, the woman tilted her head in a dog-like manner that implied I was crazy, and I accepted the iced cream coffee.

New York City doesn’t have iced cream coffee, but it still causes a culture shock of its own. It’s safe to say I wasn’t completely accustomed to taking the subway when I arrived, but I was DEFINITELY not accustomed to people urinating in subways. On most days, walking is bliss. My ten minute walk from the subway to my Manhattan office is by far my favorite part of the day, but there are times when I feel a pang of laziness and find myself wishing I had a car to take to the Laundromat.

Or better yet, a washing machine in my apartment…

One thing is for certain, New York has a plethora of coffee shops, and none of them give me ice cream with my order. I’m not sure if that is a positive or a negative, but here I am on a Saturday night enjoying a cup of coffee because I’m lackadaisically avoiding a two hour long call with Comcast.

You can trust that this cup of coffee is legit, because it’s Instagrammed.

If it isn’t on Instagram it NEVER happened, folks.


  1. I have three words you need to learn, Blue Bottle Coffee, the best place in Brooklyn. Located 160 Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY, promise you will pay too much for a coffee and not regret it after. Enjoy!

  2. I haven’t seen New York… well… I’ve *seen* it… on TV… in the movies… that kind of thing… but, you know, never been there.

    And “plethora” – brilliant word. I like 🙂

  3. Suzanne says

    The USA is overly dependent on coffee and the internet: it’s funny, the coffee part I can SOOSOSOOSOSSSO relate to!

    At my age though the lack of *connection* to technology is sometimes quite refreshing for me. Emergency? need me? find me the old-fashion way–like a telephone call to my home phone or a lovely card / letter : – )—Glad your lovin’ NYC. Good luck with Comcast!

  4. I love waking up in the morning and findin out you have blogged because I know I’ll smile and laugh and shake my head. Please dont keep me waiting three weeks anymore. Lol

    • I’m so glad to hear you say that! That’s so lovely 🙂 Not having time or internet to blog has been hurting my little heart. I get Wifi Wednesday and then I’ll be back on a regular schedule!

  5. I’m just curious if, while on this coffee shop pilgrimage, you drank all of the coffee that you bought. Because I can see how you could get very over-caffeinated very fast on such a journey, ice cream or no ice cream.

    • I did not drink the black coffee with whipped cream, I didn’t even pay for the plastic bottle of iced coffee flavored milk, and I DID drink the iced coffee with ice cream because…well…that’s just awesome! 🙂

  6. Great post! I thought I was the only who valued coffee shops that much. I also love the vibe of certain coffee shops, because I feel they become great places to do work outside of work, homework, coursework, etc. I’ve been to some really bad ones even where I live so it’s not surprise that it’s been so tough to find one. However, I have never had coffee with a scoop of ice-cream on top…definitely giving me ideas, though.

    • Totally agree with you about the whole coffee shop vibe thing. I always get more work done at a coffee shop than I would at home!

  7. OMG I feel your pain… I love coffee and do not take away my computer…three places did not know what a bloody cup a Jo was? For heaven sake! You handled yourself admirably much better than I!

    Miss You

  8. First day in London – scouted out a coffee shop (well, my tour guide/friend Richard helped). Second day – On my own without Richard the London resident, steered me and my travel partner (aka best friend from small town in British Columbia) BACK to same exact coffee shop for a much needed cortada.
    Yep. I’m on the same page. Coffee > technology. Always. Gotta have it to stay awake. Facebook can wait.

  9. I am drowning in lack of internet myself. The internet I was appreciatively “borrowing” suddenly disappeared as if I did something awfully wrong. I can hear the police sirens, but I don’t care. I just want my precious WiFi back! Glad you found your coffee/internets peddler.

    • I finally have wifi action! It all feels so fresh and new! I’m sure once I’m working until 2am every night, I will no longer feel that way haha!

  10. Danthonia says

    Ah yes the Affogato. You can’t say we Aussies don’t give you something interesting to drink. Still the cultural problem comes back to the different understanding of terminology. For us it’s full cream, low fat, or no fat. And we only have homogenised milk for the most part. (We don’t call it Homo like the Canadians do hehehe) Next time you are here, check out Lygon Street in Carlton, Melbourne. Real coffee shops abound and you must experience Brunetti’s for the finest cakes

  11. Mmm, that coffee float would have tasted mighty nice in this triple digit weather. It’s good to have you back. Your blog style feels like talking with an old friend. Fist bump.

  12. shainalongstreet says

    An iced coffee float!? That’s killer. Now I want to have a party just to serve that concoction. 🙂

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