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Article published on LA Family Magazine under Life After College

Hello beautiful people! I have some great news for today and the upcoming weeks!

My first article for LA Family Magazine is LIVE! Right now! This very minute! If you could take a few moments out of your day, buzz on over and check it out, drop a comment (instead of dropping one here) click like, write a message in the sky, smoke signals, carrier pigeons, etc.

Here is the link <—

Thank you for your support! Every little bit is appreciated.

Don’t forget about the awesome giveaway that is going on between now and the 19th!
And also:
I’m an awkward turtle when I VLOG.



  1. How super cute are you?!
    I have been so excited for when everything I have had to do this weekend to be done so I can finally sit down and catch up on reading everything and at the top of my list has been your article so I am going there right now.
    I’ll make up heaps of aliases to just heap the praise on you.

    • Hahaha I don’t even need a street time, HOOKEY FOR THE WIN! Thank you m’dear! Your support means the world to me. I seriously have the best readers EVEEEER!!

  2. wittycassiehere says

    Awesome, Carley! You’re so talented. And supercuteness on the VLOG!

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