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Findingravity MAY GIVEAWAY!

So this month, Pinned Pretty has partnered up with Findingravity to bring you the May giveaway! *Golf clap*

Everyone’s encouragement, funny insights, and *giiiiirl, you don’t need make up…fist bumps* have been so appreciated after the last post. I even received an email from one of my male readers, who explained that dudes prefer no make up. I sort of already assumed this to be true, but it was definitely a nice reminder. (side note: shout out to all of the dudes who read this blog. You guys are awesome. You always provide me with a different, and usually hilarious perspective. Thanks for taking a time out from Call Of Duty, flag football, and eating Slim Jims to read about whatever crazy shenanigans I’m up to).

I’m not really wearing make up FOR anybody but myself. I just thought it would fun to learn how/what/how much/what goes where/what is radioactive/what is naturally healthy, etc. All of the tips, brands, suggestions you ladies (and dude) gave me were fabulous. **Remember ladies, just because something is labeled strawberry seduction, does NOT mean it tastes like strawberries. DO NOT EAT YOUR LIPSTICK. (I didn’t try this as an adult, I just thought I’d throw that disclaimer out there. I tried eating lip stick when I was little. The name of the lipstick was quite deceiving. It didn’t taste like mocha madness AT ALL).

Pinned Pretty is an awesome little business I discovered on Etsy. Etsy is full of small independent companies that create wonderful products. Whenever I need ANYTHING I’m like…Etsy, definitely Etsy. You need a new crocheted winter hat? Check Etsy. You need new hand soaps? Check Etsy. You need new toys that won’t poison your children if they happen to gnaw on them a little bit? Put Thomas the Train away and check Etsy.

Pinned Pretty is run by the lovely Kristine, and when I contacted her about sponsoring the giveaway, she generously gave me a number of different products to choose from. They were all STUNNING, so it was hard to choose just one. I felt like a toddler in Toys R Us.

“I want THAT one. NO! I want THAT ONE! And THAT one…”

This month’s giveaway features a beautiful large lined bag from Kristine’s “Turquoise Songbird” collection. The fabric is bright, colorful, and perfect for spring. Not only do these bags serve as wonderful make up bags, but they can also be used to store jewelry, and even art supplies!

To win this giveaway and pick up one of these fantastic bags FO’ FREE here’s what you have to do:

Step 1. Comment on this post to be entered (I am generally speaking to the ladies, but fellas, if your heart is in it to win it, then by all means please enter! You could win the bag for your wifey, girlfriend, dog, whatever).
Step 2. Tweet about the giveaway using @pinnedpretty (*ahem* that means you should FOLLOW Pinned Pretty on twitter first). You should already be following me. Wait. HOLD UP. You’re not following me on Twitter? TISK TISK!

Complete the first step to be entered once, complete both steps to be entered twice. Remember, you MUST tweet @pinnedpretty. If you also feel like tweeting @carbarton, then you’re the bomb diggity and I appreciate it. I HIGHLY suggest completing both steps. Kristine has been so kind to donate something from her wonderful shop, so showing her some love is the least we can do, right? Right.

Check out the rest of the Pinned Pretty Etsy Shop here!
Follow Pinned Pretty on TWITTER here!
Like Pinned Pretty on Facebook here!

I will be announcing the winner on May 19th!

Lastly, if you are a fan of the Findingravity Facebook Page you may have seen that my article for LA Family Magazine goes live tomorrow!! I would greatly appreciate any amount of support you beautiful people feel like showing on the article page tomorrow, since this could potentially lead to a column. I’ll be posting the link tomorrow, with a little VLOG. I’ve accepted that there is no way for me to look cool when I VLOG, so pretending to look cool would be a fallacy. Instead, you’ll just have to deal with my charming goofy awkwardness!



  1. ldawg562 says

    I LOVE your blog and the giveaways are so fun! I also go on Etsy for everything now! SO MUCH FUN STUFF. I am def going to check out pinned pretty when I am done writing this comment!

    • Thank you!! I think giveaways are fun, too! It gives me a chance to thank my readers for coming to my blog all the time! Glad you entered! 🙂

  2. If I had it with me, I would show you a picture of the inside of my current make up bag… it looks like a powder puff exploded in there. Awesome giveaway and I will have to check out Etsy!

  3. What a great shop- I love all of the beautiful fabrics she uses! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  4. Katie Lacey says

    I looooove etsy! And I love reading your blog Carley! 🙂 I literally find myself laughing out loud reading a lot of your posts! 🙂

  5. Taylor says

    I read your blog religiously, but live in Canada. The giveaway still apply? Even if it doesn’t it’s SUPER adorable and I will continue to read your blog 🙂

  6. What a cute bag! Love it. And I love that you have male readers. Well done 🙂

  7. meetkristenlavallee says

    I love this giveaway! Also love Etsy!! Entered &Tweeted! Keep spreading the love!

  8. Pin Pretty Me.. Ill catch you on twitter though @emilytayloran does not tweet too much

  9. Caitlin says

    Does this contest extend to your Canadian readers?! I sure hope so!!! 🙂

  10. Lorna Chang says

    Hi Carley,

    I’m really glad that you have teamed up with an independent craftsperson on etsy – that is grand! 🙂 I love etsy in general, it supports everything that I stand for including small, local, independent crafts people and also women running small businesses – brilliant stuff! 🙂 And Pinned Pretty is such a great example, she is just amazing – so inspiring 🙂

  11. This is pretty – my current makeup “bag” is a box that can be quite spacey and not very pliable, so this might be a great option…and I love the name “Pinned Pretty” because it’s fantastic and the bag is pretty. 🙂

    • Glad you entered then! Even if you don’t win, I definitely recommend checking the rest of her Etsy shop out. I even ordered one for myself!

  12. Carley… I notice there’s no “not open to international readers” disclaimer here… Did you forget or is my excitement and desperate need to go Twitter mad actually going to get a chance to jump the gate? Because I am really super competitive and if I Tweeted twice a day does that mean I get an extra point each time??

  13. The Pinned Pretty bags are SO cute! I’ll definitely keep it in mind for future gifts (to others or myself!!). By the way I think i used to gnaw lipsticks when i was little :/ why do they make them look so appealing?? 😛

    • SO cute, right!? I actually purchased my own from her site, and I also bought a matching brush roll up bag. Great quality!

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