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We’re all winners in REAL life.

Happy Giveaway Games! As many of you know, today was the Not Another Love Story (N.A.L.S.) giveaway! I would like to first say thank you to everybody who entered! I loved seeing all of the tweets and Facebook chatter about the giveaway, and because this one was so successful, I will DEFINITELY be holding another one. I would also like to say thank you to the amazing companies who sponsored this giveaway. This giveaway could not have been as successful and fun to host as it was, had it not been for you ladies. Ashley and Melissa, if I could personally give you both fist bumps into explosions I would. Not your thing? We could get manicures and talk about Phil Phillips on American Idol. No? Daaaang, I’m running out of options.

I decided to honor The Hunger Games (after all, one of the sweet prizes in the giveaway was an 8×10 Hunger Games print from Ashley’s shop, After Nine To Five Decor).

Instead of plugging all of the names into an online generator/rafflecopter/zombie, I hand wrote (yes, like, with a pen and paper, old school) EACH name on a piece of paper, cut them up, folded them, and put them into a bowl. I’ve been tracking the names and tweets since the giveaway started, to be sure that I didn’t miss anybody, so if you’re sitting there contemplating the possibility of human error…STOP IT!

I was meticulous and maybe even a little neurotic careful about making sure that everybody who was kind enough to participate, was included. Boom.



The winner of the 8×10 Hunger Games print was:


Equally as awesome and exciting, the winner of the $25 voucher for Melissa’s services over at Cherry On Top Blog Designs (the Picasso behind my beautiful blog design) was:

I blurred out the last names “to preserve identities” like a boss pro. I have already contacted both of the winners, whose last names I DO actually know. So if your name is Laura or Danielle, and you’re thinking I could totally trick this girl into thinking that I’m the winner because MY name is also Laura or Danielle, nice try!

Congrats to both of the winners!

I hope everyone continues to have a great weekend, and I hope wherever you are, it was as sunny there as it was here today. I wore a maxi dress today. I also wore sunscreen. I also did some yard work and drank a fresh smoothie. I ALSO climbed a palm tree and cracked open fresh coconuts with my bare hands. These are all signs that it was over 70 degrees. That last one MAY have been a lie.


Don’t forget to join the Findingravity Anti Bullying Link up! 
Click that link to for details and to find out how you can get involved.
Sending everybody peace, love, and positive vibes.

OH YEAH, Blake broke his nose playing rugby today. I’ve been trying to think of funny/creative/embarrassing explanations  that I can tell people when Blake is not around to otherwise defend himself, so if anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears. In all seriousness, he’s doing okay, just a little puffy and bruised 🙂



  1. That’s so real dedication to Hunger Games, girl. I like your Effie Trinket style. And as for Blake, he walked into a door. Or he was doing something you already told him not to do once. Booyah.

    • Thank you! I couldn’t bring my self to dress link her, but I thought picking it out of a bowl was a nice touch. Would have been nice if I had a glass bowl, but all I could find was a flourescent green salad bowl hahaha.

  2. Lucky gals! Speaking of coconuts, you should just tell people Blake tried to break one open for you using his head in true masculine style but missed and hit his nose. Testosterone can be dangerous.

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