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Fridays make me happy. Braces do not.

Hello beautiful people!

There are some really exciting things going on this weekend and into next week!

First order of business: I guest write for a website called AimingLow, and this week I am being featured TWICE ON THE SAME DAY in the Miss Unlimited section. Can I get a boo ya?

The first piece that has been published is about the awkwardness that always seems to tag along when you have braces. I would have thought my parents were forcing the misery of braces upon me as a sick joke, had I not watched them fork out thousands of dollars for them.

AimingLow published piece #1 “No Really–Braces Make You Cooler”

I’m going to do something I’ve never done before, EVER. My father has what I like to call “the hall of shame” at his house. It is where, wall to wall, he has plastered embarrassing school pictures and other various photos of my youth which could have been threatening to any potential relationships, had they seen them prior to dating me. I’m so lucky I met Blake in another country, and that we had already known each other for a year and a half before he saw these pictures.

Taken straight from the hall of shame, I present you with a photo of middle school Carley with braces.

BRACE YO’ SELF! (See what I did there?)

OOOOKAY…….Clearly you’re laughing as much as Blake did when I showed him this picture last night. The fool practically spat his powerade out all over my computer screen. Let’s deconstruct this picture.

The braces—They are pink and blue. Why? I’m telling you, because my parents thought this was all very comical and wanted to see me suffer later on in life.

The “HAY GIRL HAYYY” fake smile—I actually have no words.

The blue and green collared rugby shirt—It’s from Abercrombie. I BEGGED my mother to buy me this shirt, because all the kids in 7th grade had them. Bad choice mom. Attention moms, DO NOT under any circumstance give in when your children beg you for bad fashion choices. They will thank you for it later.

The pointless chain—Yes, it has nothing on it. I AM aware. I am not sure what the significance of this chain was, or why I was wearing it, or who told me that it looked cool.


The Dora The Explorer Haircut— This is why, for YEARS after middle school, I wore my hair so long that it could have competed with Pocahontas. If you look at picture of me in high school all the way through college, you’ll see that my hair was down to my belly button. This IS why.

But the braces…Ohhh lord, the braces.

Luckily, my teeth are as straight as a picket fence now. Thanks Mom & Dad.

The second piece that has been published, is about my experiences with a teacher who made me feel like an idiot, and how that experience fueled me to succeed in the following years.

Ms. S, if you’re reading this…I’m still bad at math, and I’m not EVEN sorry.
AimingLow published piece #2
“A Way With Words”

Moving on (Watch as I attempt to distract you with free stuff in hopes of recovering from that scary picture), THERE IS ONE DAY LEFT TO SIGN UP FOR THE N.A.L.S. GIVEAWAY!

In case you’re unfamiliar with this, N.A.L.S stands for Not Another Love Story. If you haven’t read the series yet, you’re not allowed to sign up…KIDDING! I highly recommend that you read the series though, because I think my readers will vouch for me when I say that it’s better than a Nicholas Sparks novel…because it’s THE REAL DEAL!

Okay, so my story doesn’t have Zac Effron or Ryan Gosling, but it does have these rad peeps:

So it’s totally comparable.

Anyway, to get the full scoop on the giveaway, what the awesome prizes are, and who my sponsors are, check out this post. Then, go to the Findingravity Facebook page and click “like” to be entered once. Tweet the giveaway with #findingravity to be entered twice. It’s like The Hunger Games, except having your name entered multiple times really DOES put the odds in your favor.

I’ll be hand writing the names and picking them out of a bowl, Effie Trinket style, because THAT’S how much I love you guys. Blake will be photographing it, and I’ll be announcing the winners on Saturday afternoon (aka tomorrow).

And lastly, I’ve started an anti bullying blog link up! Having spent a lot of time working in high schools, bullying is an issue I feel very strongly about. I am asking my readers to link up with me, and between now and Friday, I am asking you all to dedicate JUST ONE POST to the issue of bullying. If you’re reading this now, just set a reminder for yourself. It won’t take long at all. You can share a story, illustrate something, vlog about it, whatever your gorgeous little heart desires. You never know who you could be helping. Somebody could be struggling with bullying and stumble across it. Your story could save a life, or give somebody hope. Put your creative abilities to good use sometime in the upcoming week.

Feel free to grab the banner for your post, and link back to the original blog post where I introduce the link up, which can be found here.

Throughout the week, I’ll be posting and tweeting your stories on Twitter and Facebook. Next weekend, I’ll be posting ALL of the links to the wonderful blogs who participated, so that everybody who stumbles across my blog will have the opportunity to read your amazing stories and opinions.

This is what I feel the blogging community is TRULY about. Sharing ideas.
Be a part of this.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and may the odds be EVER in your favor for winning the giveaway tomorrow.

…You’re still laughing at that picture, AREN’T YOU? I thought so.


  1. This made me laugh – I had braces too, but never the fun colors. But somehow, by some miracle, there are like NO pictures of me with braces. Life WIN.

  2. You were as beautiful then as you are now. Now that these two pieces have been published, I need more of your stuff in my inbox, please! 🙂

    • Thank you, you’re so lovely!

      Of COURSE! I love writing for AimingLow, especially the Miss Unlimited section! Little girls need to know that we’ve all been there, and that it was just as quirky and awkward for us as it is for them.

      Just have to power through!

  3. So brave of you. I had braces AND I was born without a permanent lateral incisor (yea, had to Google that). It’s the one right beside your front tooth. Braces with a canyon of a gap, and then later a retainer that I had to remove WITH THE FAKE TOOTH CONNECTED to eat at lunch, made for an immensely awkward childhood. No pain no gain I suppose :).

    • Hey, I mean it’s all in the name of humorous self deprecation, right? 🙂 Braces were definitely painful and sometimes even embarrassing…but then again…so is the shirt I’m wearing and the chain necklace with NOTHING on it hahaha.

  4. Could you help me? I will write some essay, and send to you. Could you check spelling and grammar when you are free, please?

  5. I currently have braces. Which is not so bad if you think about it. Except, I’m in college, not in middle school. That is way way worse, when you think about it

  6. I too was a brace face…and have the wonderfully embarassing photos as well! I REFUSED to emBRACE it and get colored bands though. I was in high school and thought it would make me even more lame…oh boy. Thankful for those puppies now though!

    • Right!? RIGHT!? I KNOW!
      I’m still concerned about the chain with nothing on it.
      Sigh. Braces. I like to think we were all awkward once!

      • Don’t worry, I found a picture of myself from when I was 12 a few years back and swore I looked like some dinosaur. No idea why. There is no logical reason as to why I think I looked like a dinosaur but that’s what I think when I come across it.

  7. Hey Carley, ya, I never had braces, but we recently cleaned out my nana’s house and she had the wall of shame and my dad was so excited because he never kept my school pics up for show and now he has taken the home to his house and is going to put them up – I am 31 years-old! Why do I need the pics up now?!!! PLUS: You and Blake are cute as heck! I love it!

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