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Reminder: Enter NALS Giveaway Before April 14th!

Just a quick reminder!

To any of my new readers, or to anybody who has forgotten…I mean, sometimes things just happen, right? You have to take your dog out, there is a Spice Girls special on TV, you’re rocking out to your favorite old school jams, chillin’ out maxin relaxin…AND THEN IT HITS YOU

You forgot to sign up for the Not Another Love Story GIVEAWAY!
*And the crowd goes wild*

But seriously…
You want to be a part of this
You could win some really sweet stuff!
Like a pony, or a rocket ship, or a date with Ryan Gosling.
That last part may have been a lie, it’s sort of like when I told you that Adam Levine reads my blog.

Sup, Adam? How YOU doin’ (in Joey Tribiani voice. Friends, anyone?)

You can catch the full skinny on the giveaway and read more about the awesome people I’ve partnered with here…But here is the Sparknotes/cliff notes/the person who didn’t read the whole book version:

The giveaway is on April 14th, on Findingravity’s facebook page. There are TWO ways you can enter the contest, but only ONE is mandatory.

Mandatory: Go to Findingravity’s Facebook page and click like. That’s it! Click that little thumbs up button and you’re on your way to winning a date with Ryan Gosling a really cool prize.

Bonus: If you tweet ANYTHING about this giveaway with #findingravity, you’ll be entered TWICE! Something tells me your odds are greater if your name goes in twice. It’s like The Hunger Games, except nobody is going to be fighting here…hopefully…

SPEAKING of The Hunger Games.
One of the amazing prizes you could win is a Hunger Games print from the ever so lovely Ashley of After Nine To Five Decor:

Check out Ashley’s blog and her website

SPEAKING of blogs and websites…(See what I did there? Eh? Eh? Clever…)
The second item in the Not Another Love Story giveaway has been donated by Melissa at Cherry On Top Designs. She is the Picasso of blog design, and redesigned my entire blog for me. She has been kind enough to offer $25 in credit for blog design shop, which you can put toward anything your little heart desires.

Check out Melissa’s website or follow her on twitter @cherryOTdesign

So there you have it folks. Like the facebook page to be entered once, tweet about the giveaway using #findingravity to be entered twice.

May the odds be EVER in your favor!


    • Why thank you m’dear! How very kind of you. Always classy. *Fist bump

      I’m not sure that fist bumping is actually classy? Maybe stay hip is more appropriate? xoxo

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