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Attention Findingravity Fans! GIVEAWAY! (May the odds be EVER in your favor).

Happy Saturday blogger friends/Adam Levine, because we all know he reads my blog…

Can you tell that I have a respectful and healthy adoration for Maroon 5’s lead man? If you followed the Not Another Love Story series, you might have noticed that I told a little white lie, and posted a picture of Adam claiming he was Blake. Did you pick up on that? He may or may not be the only reason I watch the voice. Actually, I probably only like him for his tattoos. He closely resembles the guy I would have dated all through college. You know, the kind of guy that would have my loving and slightly intimidating father standing at the door with his arms crossed and eyebrows narrowed upon initial nice to meet you’s.

After completion of the Not Another Love Story, (can we abbreviate that…because it’s kind of long…NALS) I decided that I wanted to do something for all my rad peeps who stuck with me through each installment.

I’ve decided to introduce “The Super Duper “NALS” Giveaway!

We're so loving.

Okay, the name needs some work, suggestions?
I already nixed
-The “I Feel Like Being Generous” Give Away
-The “For People Who Like Love Stories, The Hunger Games, And Graphic Design” Give Away.
and my personal favorite
-The “I Coerced These Companies Into Working With Me” Giveaway.

I’m totally kidding, the companies that are partnering with me were extremely generous, easy to communicate with, and are just totally awesome all around.

So here are the deets:

The first prize has been donated by Ashley & Nathan from After Nine To Five Decor.

I came across Ashley’s ETSY shop, and instantly fell in love with their style. I always try to find independent graphic designers and artists to decorate my apartment. Their style is a chic yet funky, incorporating bright colors with concepts and ideas that anybody can enjoy and relate to.  They offer everything from decals and posters to blog design and “pay what you can” consulting services. Basically, they’re the cat’s meow.

After reading The Hunger Games series, seeing the movie in IMAX last weekend, and even dressing the part:

Side braid (check) combat boots (check) black/neutral attire (check) hardcore attitude (check) bow and arrow? DANG IT!

I knew that I wanted to find a way to include THG into my giveaway. Ashley and Nathan from After Nine To Five have offered (in tribute) a brilliant piece from their Hunger Games print series

One lucky Findingravity winner will be receiving this 8×10 print in the color of their choice, completely free of charge!

After Nine To Five Decor has ALSO been kind enough to give me a discount code for anybody who enters this contest, so you’re a winner no matter what! I’ll be giving away the discount code on the same day that I announce the contest winners.

If you feel like showing Ashley and Nathan some love, check them out at these locations:

main shop: www.shopafterninetofive.com
twitter: @afterninetofive
facebook: www.facebook.com/afterninetofiveblog
blog: www.afterninetofive.net

The second give away item is from Melissa at Cherry On Top Designs. She is the genius behind my beautiful blog design. When I contacted Melissa about partnering with me, she was just as enthusiastic about the giveaway as she was about redesigning my blog.

Melissa is truly a delight to work with. She sent me a personal survey to fill out before designing my blog, and when the design was finished, she happily tweaked everything I asked. (I MUST admit, there was very little that needed tweaking, she was pretty spot on). Melissa is SO talented. She’s like the Picasso of blog design. She hand detailed the gorgeous globe logo when I told her that I had a passion for traveling, and the also hand detailed the feather quill pens you see on my side bar.

Melissa from Cherry On Top Designs has offered a $25.00 gift voucher for her services. One lucky Findingravity give away winner will be able to put this $25.00 voucher toward anything they desire. If you feel like your blog is a little bland, you could easily pay for a side bar clean up, or a new button. If you are looking to redesign your whole blog, you can put this toward either The Ultimate Sunday option or The Just A Taste option.

If you think Melissa is as great as I do, feel free to follow her on any of these platforms:

Website: http://www.cherryontopblogdesign.com
Twitter: @CherryOTDesign
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cherry-on-Top-Blog-Design/373817382636559

-There are TWO ways to sign up, but only one is mandatory.

a) Mandatory: Click this link: Findingravity Facebook It will bring you to my Facebook, where the actual giveaway is being held, and where the winners will be announced on APRIL 14th! CLICK LIKE! That’s it! Boom. You’re entered. You don’t have to comment, though if you feel like saying “sup dawg?” we can totally converse. We can talk about music, or puppies, or sunshine. Whatever.

b)  Tweet ANYTHING relating to this giveaway with #findingravity. This is NOT mandatory, but here’s the catch, if you do both, your name is entered TWICE. That’s right, TWICE. I’m no mathematician, but something tells me your odds are greater if your name is entered twice. It’s like The Hunger Games, except you won’t have to fight to the death with the other contestants.
Your tweets can be something along the lines of…

– You won’t have to fight to the death with the other contestants if you enter this contest, but you COULD win a sweet prize #findingravity
– @carbarton is the queen of the universe. Check out her giveaway involving @afterninetofive and @CherryOTdesign #findingravity

Look at that, I’ve done the work for you. Now it’s just a matter of copy and paste. I’m partial to the second, but you get the idea!

So to recap
2 prizes:
-The Hunger Games 8×10 print from After Nine To Five Decor. The winner gets to choose what color they’d like.
-A $25.00 gift voucher from Cherry On Top Design, which can be used for any of Melissa’s services

Mandatory: Like my facebook page, where I’ll be announcing the winner on April 14th
Not Mandatory but added advantage being entered twice: Tweet about this give away using #findingravity

This contest is unfortunately only open to US residents. I am in the midst of repaying student loans, rent, bills, and OH HAAAAY, gas prices are always going up. This means I can’t afford to ship products to outer space. The good news is, all my international peeps *high five* will still have access to the discount code that After Nine To Five has offered, so you can still participate on the fun taking place on my Facebook page.

*ALSO*  I have not made any extra compensation for including these companies/designers in my blog posts. The items in this giveaway are exactly as stated: given away. I have not charged or been charged for any part of this post or give away. In other words, I’m still broke as a joke and this is merely my way of thanking my readers for being the bomb diggity.



    • Blake has the answer! It’s Quadrella! He’s so useful.

      I like your facebook page. And you. And your car. And your entire blog. WHOO-HOO, QUADRELLA! Boom.

    • Sure, good call! I don’t see why not! Bop over to my FB page and I’ll add your name to the randomized draw! 🙂 Glad you’re interested!

  1. On The Amazing Race the other night I saw men taking baths in oil. The type of oil they refine to make our cars go vroom vroom. I think my jaw got a bruise from hitting the floor.
    I blame the men taking baths in oil for restricting me from being a true winner.

  2. Is that because you are having a hard time accepting that this contest is only open to people in the US? How rude am I, right? I actually thought of you after I typed that and made a little sad face at my computer screen. You’re still eligible for the discount code though!

    • Make sure it’s the facebook page you’re liking and not just the article, because that’s where I’ll be announcing the winners on the 14th, and it’s also where I’ll be posting the discount code!

      Thanks, Dustin!

  3. Ok so we need to make Quadrella Boom a word like Bazinga… I plan on ending all future blog post and tweets with Quadrella Boom 🙂 that is if you haven’t copyrighted it already lol.

  4. Like your post, the style of your writing and the topics – for that I’ll make sure that the name of your blog get tweeted (free of charge a/o giveaways)

    continue to inspire people – that is all what I hope and expect 🙂

    your reader from Switzerland


    PS: can relate to your posts how you met blake – my wife and I met also in a very hollywood-movie dramatic way – I’ll make sure that I will post about it soon on my page http://www.bepirates.com 🙂

      • sure thing 🙂 by the way how did you create a blog button? still trying to get this sorted for my page http://www.bepirates.com – btw – what is your honest opinion about my site? – 🙂

      • Your site looks fine Steph! Definitely minimalistic in design, but that works for some people! The one year anniversary post is very sweet. I’ll read more this week.

        I made a little button for your site. I can email the HTML code to you, and then all you have to do is put it on your side bar.

  5. Totally diggin’ the braid. Can you believe I haven’t read The Hunger Games yet? My books are on their way to me in the mail!!

    • Thanks, Clair! I love the braid. Not to sound TOO hipster, but I’ve actually been wearing my hair like this for about three years. I was pumped that I already knew how to do it. Enjoy! The books are so great. xo

  6. wow – already created the button? – you are very fast thank you very much – yes pls send it to me and I will add it to the sidebar 🙂 thanks very much for reading my blog and your feedback 🙂

    • Yep! It’s pretty simple, I made it out of one of the little cartoon guys from your blog and matched the boarder to your title! No worries, mate!

      • hahaha – you are probably the fastest blogger in terms of replying to comments 🙂 i am impressed and looking forward to your email 🙂 anything else you can recommend to a blogger who just started? This could be a nice topic to write about – what do you think? 🙂

        (time is running – lets see how fast you reply :)))

      • That’s the upside and downside of having a smart phone, everything is pretty much immediate. Dang, 9 minutes. I’m getting slow. Cheers!

  7. Okay, clearly I already liked your page but I have also tweeted. And after our discussion at the conference, you know I would LOVE to win some design for my blog!


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