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I had a conversation with a friend over the weekend about photographing landscape vs. photographing people. My good friend loves photographing landscape, and that is where her creativity in photography lies. While I love photographing landscape, and you can see some of this through posts such as “An Irish Lens”, photographing people is where my excitement dwells.

Photographing Children brings a whole new perspective to photography. They are these tiny little beings with immense personalities, and the emotions they display are so true to the moment. It’s remarkable. I have been nannying “Little G” for the last year, and every day I feel I learn something new about myself. I am very close with the family I nanny for, and I consider them to be part of my own family. I wanted to take pictures of Little G that were unique to her vibrant personality. Children approach the world with such curiosity. As adults, we are so quick to respond to each other, that we often forget what it’s like to think before we speak. Children marvel at things that we might find mundane, and they ask questions that make us actually think about the way we want to answer.

Children remind us to slow down.



  1. Those photos are just awesome. I feel like you really captured so many different aspects of her personality.

  2. She is sooo cute! This reminds me of my niece, she’s almost 4 years old now and I love it how innocent and honestly open she is towards everything! It’s always fun spending time with kids and you get to think about and question things, you never wondered about before!

  3. I’ve had similar conversations with other photographers: I am a photographer of lanscapes, both broad and intimate, while others love to photograph people. I am terribly shy about photographing people, and it’s a gift I wish I could develop. You do a great job!

    • I definitely get my photograph on when I’m in the presence of a beautiful landscape, but more connected to people when I photograph them.You can TOTALLY develop the gift of photographing people, you just have to get out there and try it my friend!

  4. Carley!!! love these photos! I cant wait for the next time (and there WILL be a next time) we do a shoot together!! xoxoxo!

  5. I love the last one especially. She is such a gem. Photographing people is definitely more fun for me than nature/landscapes but I don’t have anyone who’s particularly enjoys letting me photograph them.

    I also really like candid shots. When I worked in daycare we took a lot of photos of the kids in action (to document what they did). Consider getting her really involved in an activity and then taking pictures when she doesn’t realize you have your camera. I bet they’d turn out lovely.

    • Haha, I do that ALL the time. I have heaps of pictures of the girls just playing with each other. Thanks for reading and commenting! I used to work at a daycare too, on and off all through college.

  6. Adorable!!! How funny. We both posted photography related posts today hahaha. bloggy twins. 🙂

  7. These are SO SO beautiful! What serious eyes Little G has…

    Love how you captured her personality, but I have to admit, the toes might be my favorite. So cute!

    • The toes shot was MY favorite too! It took me forever to get that picture. Little G is super active, so getting her to keep her feet still was project. That’s the beauty of photography, you can take a thousand shots, but you really only need to capture it once!

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