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I wanted to have the chance to thank my readers face to face…or…errmm…face to screen? To everyone who wrote me a personal comment or email, your stories were amazing. To everyone who retweeted or reblogged, your generosity is truly appreciated.

A few things…

1. I say “sit tight” too often. I should switch it up…maybe “hang tight.” I know, wild.
2. I should repaint my nails before I vlog.
3. Move over Edward Cullen, there’s a new vampire in town.

SO thanks again, beautiful people! YOU ROCK! Happy reading.



  1. ecigarsmoker says

    No, it should be us thanking you! I really enjoyed reading your blogposts and I bet others feel the same way too! 🙂

    • I just feel very lucky to have so many wonderful new readers. I’m still shocked that people shared their own personal experiences with me. Thank you!

      • ecigarsmoker says

        You’re very welcome… I just somehow wish I could write the same way that you do, I mean write posts that could tap into others subconscious feelings/emotions… And for the record, I don’t think you would have as much readers if the posts were nonsense (or maybe they want to read some nonsense once in a while!)… 🙂

    • Jorge, I’m a little torn, because I feel like punching me in the face is not an adequate way of expressing feelings toward one’s cuteness. How about a high five? Please don’t punch me. I fight like a small bird. I’M A LOVER!

      Thank you 🙂

  2. Proia says

    You are cute as a button!! I cant wait to read more of your writing..congrats on all of the well deserved attention.

    • Thank you Proia! You have a beautiful name! I appreciate your kind words. I would have said a little awkward and jumpy, but cute is a nice alternative!

    • Thank you so much! Everybody’s feedback is so encouraging. I enjoy your blog also, loved that post on teachers and parents.

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