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Strangers On St Paddy’s Day

Taking risks is a strong variable in my life. I am constantly looking for things to push me out of my comfort zone. Of course not so far that I feel my life is in jeopardy, I’m not about to go shark diving, but far enough that I am able to reach new creative depths. My love of photography parallels my love of travel, in the sense that there are always new places to go, new things to see, and new ways to get there. I truly believe that if you restrict yourself to the same techniques and mediums, they will begin to lose the very essence that made them special to begin with.

Yesterday, I photographed strangers.

I know what you’re thinking…What a creep…but it wasn’t like that, I swear. I wasn’t hiding in a dark alley, drooling, and photographing innocent, clueless civilians. I asked for their permission. They agreed! It wasn’t awkward. Okay, it might seem a little awkward, but it was totally harmless!

Taking pictures of strangers, YO...We're about to get BANANAS! Get it...see the bananas? *crickets*

I wanted to capture the festivity of St Paddy’s Day, meet new people, and expand my knowledge in a more spontaneous way. Having the opportunity to photograph strangers helped me gain confidence, while also helping me to learn more about posture, movements, and expressions. I found people’s reactions to be incredibly inspiring and encouraging. Not only did everybody agree, but everybody agreed willingly and enthusiastically. I made sure to give people my contact information, so they could check out the pictures. If you are reading this and you are one of the people I photographed on St. Paddy’s Day, THANK YOU. You made my endeavor yesterday to grow as a photographer fun and easy.

These were my first "victims" of the day. They were SO much fun to work with. I actually chatted with them in a coffee shop, and sat down with them for a minute or two to explain my project. Cheerfully, they stood up and headed for the door. I loved the texture of this little kiosk, so we chose this as their backdrop. The sun hadn't come out yet, which gave it a a beautiful, natural lighting.

I LOVED working with these ladies. They were SO much fun. They asked me how I wanted them to stand. When I told them to be spontaneous, this was the first pose they pulled out. I felt they really captured the cheer of St. Paddy's Day!

These people were standing in line waiting to get into an Irish Pub in town.

I just LOVED this woman's pregnancy shirt. Getting the little ones on board for St. Paddy's Day early.

These two were in the same line waiting to get into the bar, looking festive with their goggles.

This boy was standing with his friends preparing to play street music. Originally, he was holding a ukulele. When he offered to take out his accordion, I knew he would be fun to photograph. These were my favorite pictures from the day

A HUGE thank you to the store "I Like That" for making me the coolest St. Paddy's Day shirt. I rocked it all night, and I'm so glad I came to your store to have it custom printed.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe St. Paddy’s Day. If anyone else has experience taking pictures of strangers, or other spontaneous projects similar to this, I would love to hear about your experiences!




  1. Travis Crotser says

    “I truly believe that if you restrict yourself to the same techniques and mediums, they will begin to lose the very essence that made them special to begin with.”

    I love this statement because it reminds me of the quote that says Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone! There is no doubt we are creatures of habit. Thanks for the reminder!

    By the way, the pictures look great! My favorite was the pregnant lady.


    • Thank you so much! I had a blast. I always try to find new ways to photograph things and people. I was humbled that people were so willing to be a part of it.

  2. TheFrenziedFemale says

    Your blog is so fun! So glad that I’ve found you! PS, I have an insanely irrational fear of sharks, as well. And plane crashes. Worst of all is my fear of being in a fiery plane crash and landing in the ocean… SURVIVING, only to be eaten by a shark.

  3. cara says

    your SO talented..your writing, your style, your voice…all so unique! The acordian pictures and the kissing pictures are fantastic. well done!

    • Thank you Cara! That’s so sweet of you. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. I had way too much fun adventuring with my camera for the day. It felt totally empowering! Cheers!

  4. Terrific post. St. Patrick’s Day just seems to bring out such a festive “mood” in people and the fact that so many were willing to jump in for photos is proof of that! Takes a bit of courage to just go out wandering and looking for photos too, something I don’t think I could do!

    • I didn’t think I could do it either! I feel like it’s something every photographer should do. Once you do it once or twice, it’s like you have a whole new creative license that you get to use. You’d be surprised, as long as you give people your details, they are USUALLY excited to be able to document that memory! Thank you for your kind words, and…YOU CAN DO ITTTT!

  5. Great photos – subjects, backdrops, motion, color all fantastic! Individual faces from the crowd. Much better than the “hey lookit all the people”! Thanks for sharing!
    And yes I will usually agree to be a subject if asked/for a project.

    • Same! I am such an advocate for creative expression! As long as I am asked, and it’s an appropriate project with a positive message, I’m all for it. Glad you enjoyed, thank you so much for checking out my pictures!

  6. Thank you! They were fun to shoot. I felt like the paparazzi…if the paparazzi actually politely asked permission and I was taking pictures of celebrities.

    So not at all like the paparazzi.

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