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Check Out My Guest Post!

I just wanted to remind all of my blogging friends, and real life friends who read my blog, that it’s Tuesday!  There are a lot of great things about Tuesdays…

-The supermarket is restocked
-It’s not Monday
-It’s known as the best day to buy flights if you like to travel

…Wait, did she just say travel?
Why yes, yes I did. SPEAKING of travel….

Today is my guest post over at Emmy June Born In May.
Aside from the fact that Emily and I both rocked the livejournal phase at one point in our lives, Emily and I also both share a love of all things Australia. I spent a semester studying in Newcastle, Australia, during my junior year of college. I returned a year later to teach high school English, and it was one of the most independent, challenging, and exciting experiences of my life. Emily has taken the year to travel to Sydney with her husband for work.

Can you see why this is so awesome?

Check out my guest post, where I talk about the time two friends and I attempted to visit The Blue Mountains…HERE!

The word “attempted” was not chosen accidentally.
You’ll have to find out why on your own.


Tuesday Travel Diaries



  1. Oh hi….did I already tell you that I live just west of the Blue Mountains and actually travel to Katoomba every day for work? I like reading your description of it and how an international traveller views the place. 🙂

    • You DID mention that! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m sure it’s just like where I come from, people rave about it, but it becomes pretty normalized when you’re the one that lives there.

      Although, I can’t imagine The Blue Mountains feeling normal, they were SO beautiful!

  2. Just found you on Emmy June, loved your story. I also laughed out loud at your almost sending a kid to the office for almost telling you the end of HG. Sounds like something I would have done to my students when I used to teach.

    • Hi Kate! I’m so glad you found me. If you’ve read the HG, you surely understand where I was coming from, haha!

      I had so much fun writing that for Emily’s blog. She’s going to guest post for me in a few weeks while I’m at a blogging conference, so you’ll have to stay tuned!

  3. Thanks again for your guest post! Your pictures certainly capture the beauty of the Blue Mountains….as well as the joys of navigating public transport in Oz 🙂

    Hope you had a great day, chica!

  4. Is this true of all supermarkets?! I had no idea and it will totally change my shopping strategy if it is.

    Hopping over now to read your post. =)

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