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Farewell Winter. I Bid You Adieu.

This morning, I awoke to birds chirping. With the ground still covered in fresh March snow, and my snowboarding jacket hanging on my bed post, right where I left it, I saw this as huge progress. Okay, confession, BLAKE saw this as huge progress. It was 6:30 in the morning when he cheerfully exclaimed that hearing birds chirping meant spring was coming.

My response at the time? “Grumble, grumble grumble, @!@*&!^@!*&^@, I need coffee.”

With there being only fourteen days left until spring, I figured I needed to redeem my uninspiring, precoffee attitude. This post is my way of saying goodbye to winter. It’s been real. We’ve never been great friends, partially because I despise falling on my rear every time I attempt to walk down slippery steps, partially because people forget basic driving etiquette when it’s snowing, and partially because you make me cold. HOWEVER, you do hold some beautiful attributes, which make New England a captivating place to live. For this, I can momentarily appreciate you.

Winter, this one’s for you…NOW GET OUTTA HERE!

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  1. Omigosh, so pretty. Would you believe I’ve NEVER been to New England? 😦 I need to work on that.

    • Really?! It’s beautiful, each season is so distinct from the next. It’s nice to get away once and a while. I try to travel as often as I can, but I always love returning!

  2. Those are some really lovely photos and I’m especially smitten with the first. The Muskoka chairs look like summer in defiance of the ice and snow. I hope real spring comes quickly!

    • Isn’t that scene just Darling? I love those chairs, I find every possible excuse to sit in/photograph them. It was almost 60 here yesterday, so spring is well on its way!

  3. Just popped over from the Boston Bloggers evite and am so excited to meet you!! I love your photos and writing style and am about to go devour a few more of your posts. =)

    See you in April!

    • That’s so lovely of you! Thank you! I’m glad you stopped by and I’m excited to meet you as well. I’ll check your blog out as soon as I’m at my computer. I can’t wait to network with people from the the Boston area. See you soon, Clair!

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