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Instagram Sunday (2)

Welcome to another night of The Instagram Sunday Series! I’m glad you’re here.
In case you’re new, Instagram Sundays are a chance for me to capture, appreciate, and reflect on moments throughout the week. Lugging around a Nikon D3000 with two different lenses all the time is clunky, inconvenient, and frankly, impossible. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t want to have my Nikon D3000 attached like an extended body part, it’s just not realistic for somebody who works a full time job.

Let’s get started…

Considering we’ve been spoiled here in New England with a frighteningly mild winter, we were long overdue for a good ol’ fashioned snow storm. Here, you can see that my car is stuck in the snow. Yes, I said stuck. What made this situation even better, was the fact that the front end of my car was protruding out onto an exit coming off the highway. NOTE: It appears that I am turning at the “DO NOT ENTER” sign, but that just happens to be where my car came sliding to a stop.

I took a trip to the library this week so I could make a few photocopies.
While there, I noticed that they were displaying a local artist’s work. I thought this sculpture was pretty inspiring.
It had a lot of different textures and colors going on.

Of course once I was at the library, I couldn’t help browsing around.
I have always been fascinated by libraries, even if I’m not looking for anything particular.
Books make me pretty happy.

Our plants made great progress this week!
They have come a long way from their heart shaped days.
We are looking forward to replanting the eco friendly, decomposable pots once the ground has thawed.

We spent some time working on our apartment today.
Blake put together my new writing desk that he bought me for my birthday!
(Shout out to Blake’s polar bear PJ’s, and my ugly yellow vinyl floor that I hate)
I am SO excited to have a place to keep my work (laptop, writing notebooks, folders, portfolio, etc.)
I’m one of those people that has a hard time focusing on a couch or bed.
While he was doing that, I picked out these painted wooden frames.
I plan on arranging some of our travel photography in a gallery style arrangement later in the week.

Thanks for checking out Instagram Sunday. I have a lot of interesting and exciting projects, events, and things to write about in the upcoming weeks so you’ll have to stay tuned I hope everyone starts their Monday productively. Cheers!



  1. Hey girl–
    You should think about linking up with Jenni @ Story of My Life storyofmylifetheblog.blogspot.com . She hosts a “Best of Instagram” every Sunday. It might be a nice way for more readers to find your blog 🙂

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