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Introducing Instagram Sunday! Wait, what? It’s Tuesday? Daaaang.

DISCLAIMER: I’m pretty low key when it comes to announcing my birthday, however, it’s relevant to the post. I’ve actually had this post saved in my drafts since LAST Monday, and have been adding photos all week. I confess, it was ready to post on Sunday. Due to post birthday exhaustion, my Special Olympics photography project, and a lingering weekend cold, my efforts toward my new “Instagram Sunday” were delayed. Blake reminded me last night that I hadn’t posted about it yet, but curling up with a cup of tea and “The Voice” was more appealing at the time.

Plus, Adam Levine totally reads my blog, so I am forgiven.
(OKAY, he doesn’t, but he should).

I had so much fun filtering through my memory cards the other day, while putting together my Ireland Photography pieces. Choosing which photos to display was comparable to going into Barnes and Noble’s, and trying to choose a book in 10 minutes. This analogy doesn’t work if you know that you’re going into Barnes and Noble’s to buy The Hunger Games, easy decision. Boom. Most of the time when I go into B&N, it’s completely spontaneous, and I’m in there for hours. I could actually spend forty-five minutes just looking at the journals. THE JOURNALS! There is nothing in them, they are completely blank. I get it. So I have a weird obsession with journals. I write a lot, can you tell?

Choosing pictures was hard. I love my NikonD3000 like I love a small child. Again, I’m sure this analogy will change once I’ve had children, and quick shutter response is no longer the focal point of my affection.

My analogies are a little off today.

Lately, I find myself introspecting. Every day I make a solid attempt to examine my thoughts, feelings, and decisions, in hopes of connecting further with where I am in my life. I started thinking last night, while reading some of the comments on my travel photography post, that it would be cool to start documenting everyday life.

Wait, isn’t that sort of what you’re already doing on this blog?
Yes, reader, that is sort of what I’m doing on this blog, BUT, I’d like to incorporate photography, as it’s a HUGE part of my life. I didn’t sneak into photography classes for nothing when I was in high school, I knew it would later serve a purpose. Either that or I’m a badass.

As humans, I believe we become so accustomed to accepting that day to day life is mundane. When I stop and take the time to examine the details, the mundane becomes pretty spectacular. As much as I would like to have my Nikon permanently attached to my wrist in place of my hand, like some kind of autofocus transformer, I’m also aware that humans are not born with mechanical parts. When this is possible, I hope to join Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobot Transformers, in hopes of saving the world from a robot alien invasion.

Until then, I have Instagram on my iPhone. I thought it would be a great way to wrap the week up, and it would also give me an excuse to pay closer attention to details throughout the week, when my NikonD3000 is at rest in its case. Today, I introduce to you, Instagram Sundays! (They will be on SUNDAYS from now on, apologies!)

My mornings usually start out with a cup of coffee, an organic mango, and laundry.
This all takes place around 7:30 am, when I’m getting ready for work.
PS, how ADORABLE is the coaster under my coffee? 2 year old art, no big deal.

Being a full time nanny can be hard work, BUT, it has its perks.
Arts and crafts with Quinn (age 6)
Silly couch picture time with Greta (age 2)

Blake AND my family both made me delicious birthday breakfasts.
Blake tapped into my health conscious side, with organic mango, strawberries, and oranges
My family tapped into my sweet tooth with a waffle breakfast with all the fixings

top left: Blake and I together on my birthday. *NOTE* We did not wear matching shirts on purpose. Nerd Alert!
top right: Birthday sushi dinner with in ice cream dessert.
bottom left: The DARLING bracelet my good friend Cali gave me.
bottom right: Surprise birthday dinner with some of my closest (and sneakiest) friends.

The week ended with getting locked out of our apartment.
Yes, those are Blake’s legs you see dangling out of our window.

Hope you enjoyed my instagram recap.
Stay tuned again next Sunday!


  1. OMG love the last picture…last week Ollie and I locked ourselves out of the bedroom (for some reason our bedroom has a lock that requires a key-which we don’t have-not one of those push button locks that you can use a bobby pin on). After googling how to pick a lock, and failing at picking our lock, Ollie had to bust out his man tools AND DRILL THROUGH THE LOCK. Shrapnel everywhere, giant hole straight through our door handle. Good times.

    • Haha! That stinks!

      I’ve done my share of climbing into windows, but this time I opted to stand at the bottom of the steps so I could take pictures instead.

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