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5 Fads I Can Get Down With

I’ve never owned a bump it.

The closest I’ve come to “bump it”, is driving in my flashy 2002 Ford Escort listening to old school hip hop. I may have uttered the phrase “bump it” once or twice in my lifetime. An example of this is when The Cupid Shuffle comes on my iPod and, I might say something along the lines of: “This is my Jam! Bump it!”

As far as owning an actual, real life, bump it? Never.
“I don’t even understand what a bump it is!” You might say.
Here, let me assist you.

Aside from the wildly catchy…ahem…theme song, you can see that the bump it is a fad, possibly induced from the show, Jersey Shore. It is meant to bump your hair up, giving you egg shaped extra volume. I’m just as guilty of listening to the B-52’s as the next girl,  because a little “Rock Lobster” and “Love Shack” never hurt anybody, but I’m not about to sport a beehive. I’ve always liked being able to walk into my apartment without wedging my hair in the doorframe.

Fads are an interesting part of our culture. One minute you’re watching tv, and the next minute a commercial comes on advertising the latest fad – a bra that also serves as a flashlight, because who doesn’t’ need headlights for undergarments? However, I am guilty of a few past fads of the late 80’s through the 90’s, and if you’re around my age, I’m hoping you are also guilty of taking part in a few of these guiltless fads.

Fad #1 – The Skip It
Jump roping stopped being cool for a while when Tiger Toys came out with the Skip It. Why jump over a rope when you can cuff your ankle into a protruding cable with a ball on the end? The song didn’t lie either, “the very best thing of all, there’s a counter on this ball!” It was all fun and games in the play ground, skipping and counting along with your girlfriends, until somebody couldn’t jump fast enough. Skinning your knees on the black top was a sure way to land yourself in the nurse’s office, effectively making you late for snack time. If there was a chance the nurse had rainbow bright band-aids, it was all worth it.

Skip faster than the speed of light!

[photo cred]

Fad #2 Tamagotchi
After killing (and crying over) approximately ten fish, my parents pulled the plug. Apparently fish flushing funerals aren’t how my parents wanted to spend their mornings before work, and apparently fish eating too much fish food isn’t comparable to a seven year old eating too much ice cream. The end result of too much ice cream was a belly ache, but the end result of too much fish food was death. The solution – A virtual pet with a restart button. Genius.

[photo cred]

Fad #3 Neon clothing – My fashion sense in kindergarten was on point. Everything was neon. My tube socks were neon, my leggings were neon, and even my scrunchies were neon. At six years old I looked like I was heading off to either teach an aerobics class, or to my first college black light party. While I know my mother would like to take credit, because technically she bought my clothes, the pleading, whiny child in the mall was probably attracting more attention that she would have liked. Mom caved. This all could have been solved if Gap Kids would have accepted my trade bargain of one strawberry ring pop for one article of clothing. Suckers.

Do you have it in Lisa Frank? I'LL TAKE IT!

[photo cred]

Fad #4 Gel Pens
Before Facebook determined the true validity of a relationship, there were gel pens. Nothing says everlasting love like “I heart bobby” all over your folders, notebooks, and hands in pink and purple gel pen. I owned hundreds of them. I even had that all black notebook that you would write on with the gel pens. This was way before Jay-Z said that all black everything was cool, I should get credit for that.  During middle school science and math (the two classes I hated the most), we would all slip gel pen notes to each other between the cracks of our desks. “Jenny told me that Sarah talked to Ben, and HE SAID that Bobby said he wants to be your boyfriend.” From there it was simple, check yes or no.

Use your gel pens to write on your, "black paper, black notebook, all black everything!" -You're welcome Jay-Z

[photo cred]

Fad #5 Roll On Glitter
Bath and Body Works was a roll on glitter gold mine. Roll on glitter was appealing because you had free range to apply however much you wanted. If you wanted a more toned down daytime look, all you had to do was roll the stick once over your eyelids and you were ready for your play date at the mall. However, if you fancied your eye lids to look the flashing side of a disco ball, you could apply, let dry, and reapply again for a real evening look at the school dance. Seriously, apply, let dry, reapply, and you would have been the center star of that awkward circle you know you and your friends danced in whenever “I Want It That Way” came on.

Can you see your reflection in my body glitter?

[photo cred]

I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before more wild fads sweep the nation.  Until then,  I’m going to be wearing lime green leggings, applying my roll on glitter, while feeding my Tamagotchi, with I heart Ryan Gosling on my hand in pink gel pen, during the most epic game of skip it you’ve ever seen.

But I will never own a Bump It.

What are some fads that YOU guys and girls participated in? I am especially interested to hear the male perspective! Did you bleach your tips? Did you play pokemon? Watch Power Rangers? I call the red Power Ranger!


  1. I didn’t even know what a bump it was until I was trying to figure out what to do with my hair for a burlesque show and my friend who I coerced into helping me handed me a Bump It and said “We’re using this.” and now…. I own a bump it.

    Let me go hang my head in shame now.

    • Burlesque is pretty sweet! I might be able to forgive you here! Plus, I never said that you owning one was a bad thing! I just don’t personally own one.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you agree! If you can think of any more, please chime in! I was going to add butterfly clips, but my post was already pretty long and I wanted to keep it at 5 haha.

  3. Snap bracelets!
    yak baks!
    Yoyo balls!

    My friends and I are planning to host a nostalgia party this summer, so I’ve been giving 80s/90s childhood fads a lot of thought. I totally forgot about tamagotchis though!

  4. Give me a halter dress that makes it look like I actually have boobs and I’d SO rock a bump it. Also, I do not want to live in a world that lacks roll-on glitter and gell pens.


    • You know what’s funny, I was looking at your blog last night, laughing out loud at your working out post where you vlog on the elliptical.

      And lucky for you, you will never have to live in that world, because roll-on glitter and gel pens still exist!

  5. meetkristenlavallee says

    AHH i love this!! this reminds me of growing up soo much!! I definately don’t own a bump it either hahaha

  6. This was amazing! I laughed & may or may not have received a couple funny looks at my office! I admit, I received a bump it for some holiday a year back, but have yet to use it. I think I tried, but gave up after I had hair that resembled a beehive. It may have been given to my younger cousins Haha. & I may be in love with gel pens.. I actually use them on a daily basis still! It’s one thing I’ve yet to let go of my childhood. One thing that was always so popular with me & my friends was Ferbies. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with them but they were weird fuzzy creatures that talked & blinked & wiggled their ears. I was obsessed, even to the point of creating a bed & toting it along to friends houses.
    I miss the 90’s & this brought back so many wonderful(yet painfully embarrasing) memories!

    • Ohh giiiiirl, I wanted a Ferbie SO bad! My parents bought me one, and I broke it. Needless to say, I was not given another one. Maybe I loved it too hard? Glad to hear we’ve shared some similar fads…Except the Bump It haha!

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