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This is NOT an essay about New Years Resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions have never been my thing…


I know, right? Well there was one time in school we were required to make New Year’s resolutions. It was one of those “Welcome back from Christmas vacation kids; let’s celebrate nobody wanting to be here by writing an essay!” I made a resolution to hand my homework in on time. My mom, dad, and teacher would all agree that I didn’t keep that resolution. I should make a resolution to never make kids write an essay on making New Year’s Resolutions. There, my first resolution. Boom.

Seriously though, I’d really like to try this whole resolution thing-o. While I do try my hardest to self-improve on a regular basis, I know if I thought about it I could come up with some specifics.

*INTERMISSION* Real quick! Go grab some snacks, take a bathroom break, make a phone call, OR check out my friend Whitney’s blog. I’m not sure if this is in honor of the whole “New Year’s Resolution” deal, but it’s on the right track. She’s made a goal out of accomplishing a 25 item bucket list before she turns 25, (http://25by20five.blogspot.com). Let’s take one more moment to laugh at Whitney approaching half way to 50. Done.

Okay, we’re back!

1. Clean my car. Oh, you’re laughing? At my busiest, I’m working three jobs. That means at any given point my car is filled with substitute teaching stuff, coaching stuff, and nannying stuff. It looks like a family of five fitting room in my car. There are coloring books, high heels, sneakers, gym shorts, crayons, a volleyball, a tote bag, and various novels. If Olympia Sports, Barns and Noble, and Toys-R-Us all came together to form one store (but more local, less big corporation, because that’s how I roll), it would be in my car.

2. Make a solid effort to stop stressing out. I’m aware that this sounds vague. HOWEVER, lately I’ve been finding myself really stressed out about things I cannot control. This is actually what sparked this blog. I needed a creative outlet, something that was mine, desperately. Aside from a new creative outlet, I’ve also been committing to yoga on Monday nights after work.

Ironically, for me, the hardest part of yoga isn’t the posing or the breathing…it’s not THINKING.
Think about it (ha), when are we not thinking? Yoga for me usually goes like this

*Downward Dog*
…Shoot I forgot that my student loans come out tomorrow
*Upward Dog*
…Do I need to go grocery shopping after this?
*Three Legged Dog*
…I wonder if Katniss wins in The Hunger Games or if Peeta and her fight to the death
*Step left foot between your hands, wrap it around your arm three times, balance on your pinkie, and breatheeee*

Part of yoga is focusing, acknowledging the thoughts as they come, and then releasing them. I think if we all practiced acknowledging thoughts, and then releasing them on a day to day basis, we’d all feel less overwhelmed. It’s so easy to become bogged down in what ifs, that they can start to take over. What if I don’t EVER find a full time teaching job? Unlikely. What if I’m paying student loans until I’m 90? Very likely. What if Katniss dies!?!? World crumbling…Kidding…sorta…*ahemm*

3. NEVER make students write an essay on making New Year’s Resolutions.

So let’s all go into this new year balancing on our pinkies, with clean cars…
I mean…Well, you know what I mean!

Cheers to the New Year!


  1. ….I’m not old (YET!) also, LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES SO SO SO MUCH! wanna be my date when the movie comes out in March?

    • I never called you old, you’re putting words in my mouth!! 😉
      um, YES! It’s a date! Although I’m always skeptical to see a movie made after a book! I hope they don’t change too much!

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